How to Make Quick and Healthy Meal Plans

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Planning your meals is probably the easiest thing you are able to do in order to have an eating success that’s also very healthy. Doesn’t matter if you are planning only a few days at a time, a single week or even longer, it is totally up to you. There is a big benefit. You will make your own decisions in a focused, calm manner. It is going to be easier to avoid getting a pizza if you turkey tacos ingredients are at home when you know How to Make Quick and Healthy Meal Plans.

How to Make Quick and Healthy Meal Plans

How to Make Quick and Healthy Meal Plans

Count the meals

Take a moment and think about what you have to do in the week ahead. Consider everyone’s plans and get the rough idea of how many dishes you are going to need. For example: five family dinners, six breakfasts for everyone, four solo lunches, one brunch, and one kids-and-sitter dinner.

Time to cook

Consider how much time do you actually have to cook. This is a very important element of meal planning that people often skip. You can plan anything you can imagine, but if you are not able to execute it, you are not going to have any benefits. Give yourself more information about what you are going to make.

If the week ahead is going to be busy for you, keep in mind to be on the lookout for meals that can be served if you’re in a hurry. I am a big fan of the cook once, eat twice solution. For example, you can roast a couple of chickens over the weekend for dinner. Later, you can use what’s left for sandwiches and healthy salads.

Schedule and pick dishes

Take a look at your list and choose the meals that will fit the bill. Look for family’s favorite recipes for ideas. Consider what’s in season, what the time of the year is, and what your family members like eating. When you are scheduling, think about the ingredients you are buying. For example, make a fish dish the same day you buy it, and you can save the frozen dishes for later.


Whether you use a printable template, a notecard or go digital, it is a pretty good idea to have a paper calendar in your plain view. A popular choice is hanging the copy on the fridge. If your meal plan is constantly visible, you will be more motivated to stick to it. Also, your family members aren’t going to ask you all the time “What’s for dinner?” They will just take a look at the calendar.

Grocery list and shopping

You are probably going to do this when you are filling out your calendar. Don’t forget to check what you already have at home and how much do you need of each ingredient. Grouping your list as the products are listed in the store will save you a lot of time once you’re there.

Prep and cook

Grate cheese, chop vegetables, make sauces or just prep whatever you can in advance if that’s what you’ve planned. You are even able to measure out the spices in parboiling potatoes, pre-roast vegetables, and plastic bags.

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