I Have Rocked Out The Meal Planning

I Have Rocked Out The Meal Planning? Wouldn’t it be amazing if Dwayne Johnson actually came over to your house, made a few meals for you and did the dishes too? Is that weird that my secret fantasy is something like that? Seriously, I could care less about being carried to the bedroom, unless it was to take a nap while he cleaned for me…

OK, maybe not.


I Have Rocked Out The Meal Planning

I knew this surgery was coming and took a month or two to fill the freezer full of yumminess that could be cooked in a crock pot or in the oven. What kind of things are in there?

SUPER Easy Chili Dog Casserole

That just starts to give you an idea.

When I make a recipe, I actually make two or three of the same recipe. It is a time saver, and instead of making 50 meals for the freezer, I just have to make 25, twice.


  1. It is easier on the grocery budget.
    I see that boneless skinless chicken breast is the big sale of the week and get twenty pounds of it. THEN I whip up a bunch of recipes that use it like the chicken chili, chicken pot pies and Reuben chicken. The next week pork roasts are on sale? Time for BBQ pork on a bun or apple sauce spiced pork chops.

  2. It is less time consuming.
    Face it, you can make two of something as easily as one. All the ingredients are out and it takes a fraction on a minute to make an extra.

  3. It’s good stewardship.
    If the family really doesn’t care for the first one they eat, ear mark the second one as a dish to share with a friend who is going through a tough time. Use it as a blessing to someone else.

That all being said, while I have been enjoying my liquid diet, they have been eating well. After surgery, when I am still on a liquid diet? They will still be eating well. There are enough meals in the freezer for almost two months, longer if they enjoy the leftovers. That doesn’t include the quarts of chicken soup that I canned last fall, or restaurant gifts cards I stacked up!

Dwayne, I could still use you though for meal planning …let me know when you are in the neighborhood!

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