Healthy Options From Convenience Stores

When you are traveling, there are often times when you need to visit local convenience stores. This might be due to going on a road trip, taking a weekend trip where your hotel doesn’t have a restaurant, or even when traveling by bus and taking stops for a quick bite to eat.

Here are some of the healthier options available at convenience stores and gas stations.


Jerky does contain a lot of sodium, but it is a good option when you need a snack with a lot of protein and less calories than chips or candy. Jerky is easy to eat while on the road, even while driving.

It doesn’t make a lot of mess or leave crumbs all over your car. It is also good for energy if you are driving on a big road trip. You can usually find turkey jerky, which is a little healthier than beef or steak jerky.

Granola or Protein Bars

For snacks, you should be able to find granola bars or protein bars that fit within your dietary restrictions. Most convenience stores offer a collection of bars, from low-carb protein bars, to cereal bars made with whole-grain cereal. You might find organic granola bars or those made with nuts and dried fruit. These are easy, convenient, and tasty, not to mention budget-friendly.

Fresh Fruit

It is common to have at least a limited selection of fresh fruit at gas station store and convenience stores. Even if all you find is a basket of ripe bananas at the register, it sure beats some of the other snack options! Plus, these fruits will always be non-perishable, so you can keep them in your car and enjoy them at leisure, without worrying about having a cooler ready.

Baked Chips

When you don’t have any option but to select chips, go with the baked kind. Most brands will have a baked version, offering a little less fat and calories. Pirate’s Booty is a good option, as it contains baked puffs that don’t have a lot of preservatives.

nuts and seeds from a convenience store

Nuts and Seeds

You can’t go wrong by picking up a package of nuts or seeds at the convenience store while getting gas or making a pit stop. These are usually at every convenience store or gas station, offering bags of almonds, pistachios, pecans, or assorted nuts. Sunflower seeds are often an option as well, which is good if you’re the passenger. Just don’t try to crack the seeds while you’re driving!

When all else fails, see if they have prepared food for a quick lunch, such as a sandwich with lean protein and veggies to fill up before your next stop. These foods are easy and cheap, and provide healthier options than driving through Burger King.

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10 Tips To Making Healthy Choices While on the Road

Business travelers are consistently battling with eating out, lack of routine, snacking and open invitations to grabbing a drink during happy hour. Don’t get me wrong though the hotels, room service and butter soaked steak dinners are well worth it but maybe not to the waistline.


I’ve put together 10 tips to help you stick to your eating plan and lose weight while on the road. Try to get a hotel room with a fridge or pack a cooler in hopes to save a little money and a few calories!

10 Tips To Making Healthy Choices While on the Road

  1. Water – stay hydrated and bring a water bottle with you, a rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day. For example a 100 pound person would need to take in 50 ounces of water a day.
  2. Snacks – pack travel friendly snacks like almonds, protein bars, dried fruit, apples and even some veggies!

    10 Tips To Making Healthy Choices While on the Road

  3. Eating out – skip the deep-fried foods and opt for additional veggies on the side and skip the bread.
  4. Make healthier meal choices – get your protein in the morning so you are fuller longer and opt for salads and lighter fares for lunch.

  5. Eating out portions – Ask for a to go container with your meal and package half when the meal arrives, therefore you won’t over eat and have a meal for the next day.

    grocery produce store

  6. Head to a local grocery store – grab some healthy snacks and supplies so you can eat in your room instead of going out for every meal like salads, deli meats and wraps.

  7. Stay active – Don’t depend on going to the gym chances are you’ll be way too busy instead choose alternatives like taking the stairs, going for a walk on lunch break and walking to meals instead of driving or cabbing it.
  8. Avoid happy hour it might be rude to skip it but stick to one drink or order club soda and lime (everyone will think its vodka), cutting your calories and avoiding the alcohol!

    woman sleeping

  9. Get enough sleep – make sure you get a solid 6-8 hours of sleep at night, if you’re overtired you’ll eat more plus if you get more sleep you’ll be more productive during the day.

  10. It’s ok to say no – we’ve all been there just “one more drink” or “its only dessert” don’t feel bad because you’re saying no. Celebrate in the fact that you know you’re body and won’t beat yourself up for having that extra helping of dessert when you get home!

Even the best thought out plans can go wrong while you’re on the road. Just make the decision of making healthy choices while you’re away from home. When all else fails drink more water and take the stairs!

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