I’ve Got the Livliga Scoop!

Livliga Scoop? Here it is, a few weeks after my actual surgery. I have had my post surgery two week liquid diet and have been able to move on to pureed foods! It’s a good thing I’ve Got the Scoop!

I've Got the Scoop!

Livliga Scoops Make Portion Control Easy

Livliga is an incredible company that is all about healthy portion sizes. They make dinner and glassware that we have talked about before HERE.

I have actually chatted with the owner, Sheila, and it is easy to see why the Live Vibrantly motto is attached to this company as she is such a sparkling personality.  Even over the phone, she seems larger than life and SO excited about sharing the message about her product line. She is adorable!

While they have a new line of dishes for Just Right portions for Bariatric patients, I want to talk about the portion control food scoops.

The smallest Livliga scoop is my best friend right now coming in at 1/8 of a cup. That is my starting goal for pureed foods and the aim is to work up to two of those scoops in one meal. I’m glad I’ve Got the Scoop as it makes serving myself super easy.

The next sized scoop is 1/2 cup, which is good for me in a few months as I am working my way back through soft foods and gradually back to normal food.

3/4 Cup and a 1 Cup are also included in the set but I won’t need those for quite a bit of time yet ans I work up to a meal with just over a cup for a portion size.

Here is why I really love these cups: so many people don’t really know what a portion is. Thumb size? Palm size? Closed palm size? It’s hard to create a standard that way as people have different sized hands! Eyeballing it certainly doesn’t work either…or the nation wouldn’t be as overweight as it is.

So, I am happy with my scoops – check them out for yourself here

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