Top At Home Workout Tips For Women

As women, we often feel more pressure to look a certain way.  For me, doing an at home workout is one of those things that helps me to work on my physical health, without the pressure of looking just right at the gym.  Sadly, a gym membership not only means extra expenses but can be a tough place to go when you are already overweight.  My solution is to use these home workout tips for women that are designed just for your body and needs.

At Home Workout Tips For Women like these are designed to keep you safe and from getting bored. Check out our advice to keep your workout routine strong!

Top At Home Workout Tips For Women

Before you begin any workout regimen, make sure to consult with your physician.  While you may feel fully capable of the exercise in your routine, a physician will be able to guide you properly in regards to what is safe for your individual medical conditions.

Wear the right support garments.  This one is something most of us don’t like to talk about.  Frankly, just because you are doing an at-home workout doesn’t mean you don’t need to be wearing workout clothing.  This doesn’t mean you have to wear special shirts and pants for each workout.  It does mean that you should wear the right shoes and sports bra to support your body.  If you have an old injury, your doctor may even recommend wearing a support brace on a wrist or knee.  Being at home for your workout doesn’t make your body less at risk for injury.  Be safe and invest in a good strong pair of shoes and a quality support bra as well as braces as needed.

Take things slowly.  Just as you would in any new workout routine, take things slowly as you begin.  Most women working out at home will be using either a video or a piece of home gym equipment.  Go with the beginner mode until you build up endurance.  You don’t want to start out going strong and injure yourself.  The result would be downtime you don’t want or need.

Home workout tips for taking things slowly include doing regular stretching, starting at the lower incline setting on your treadmill, or using the beginner mode of a new video.  Just because you start slowly doesn’t mean you can’t pick up the pace later.  Simply allow your body to acclimate to this new workout routine.

Use what you have on hand. You simply don’t have to invest a lot of money for an at home workout.  You can use so many items you already have on hand in our home to make the workout routine you implement a success. Exercise comes from movement, so while here are tons of great products and equipment out there to help you, you don’t have to spend money to workout.

  • Use your own body weight for lunges, squats, calf lifts, pullups, and other basic exercises.
  • Dance to upbeat music to burn calories for cardio.
  • Fill gallon milk jugs with water or dry beans to create weight and lift instead of pricey free weights.

Measure strength gained and inches lost not pounds.  One of the biggest challenges we have as women is in seeing the results of our workout.  Make sure to measure your success not from what the scale says, but by what you have gained in strength.

  • Measure your waist, hips, thighs, chest, arms and stomach before you begin.  Check your measurements regularly to see inches lost.
  • Masure your endurance and strength by challenging yourself regularly to do more or lift more.

Find a variety of things to mix up your routine.  Probably the best at-home workout tips for women are to make sure you don’t get bored.  Mix up your routine by doing different things to keep you going strong.  I recommend walking, dancing, and doing some strength training a few times a week.  Don’t get stuck in the same routine because you will get bored and stop wanting to workout.  Mix and match videos, workout routines, the equipment you use, and even the music you listen to so you never get bored.

These at home workout tips for women are great for encouraging you to stay motivated as you reach toward better health.  Remember, no matter what you are doing, as long as you are trying to improve your healthy by adding more exercise into you routine you are on the right track.


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Top Yoga Moves For Women

One of the most popular fitness crazes in recent years has been yoga.  These yoga moves for women are ideal for building those all important core muscles and helping women gain strength and tone their bodies.  While yoga is a great exercise and fitness routine for anyone, it is especially popular with women.  Using your own body weight for strength, and breathing techniques to focus makes it an ideal choice for someone who is looking for an at-home exercise routine.

Yoga Moves like this list are perfect for women. Check out our top beginner moves to strengthen your core and stretch your body with ease!

Top Yoga Moves For Women

If you have never studied yoga moves before, the poses below may sound like a foreign language.  There are some amazing resources with visual aids I will link to within each suggestion, but I also recommend taking the time to grab a few tools to help your journey.  Not only do you really need a quality yoga mat to protect your back and knees, but you may also benefit from grabbing the Yoga Bible.  This book has all of the yoga moves for women in it, but also will give you variations for different levels of accomplishment.  So, a beginner may perform a pose just a bit differently than an advanced person for safety and comfort.

Another great tip for those that are new to figuring out yoga moves is to check out the various options of programs through Amazon Prime that are free for streaming.  There are several great workout routines and programs you can stream through your Amazon account.

Bound Angle Pose:  You may be familiar with this pose simply because it looks like you are just sitting on the floor.  It is a basic stretching move to help open up your hips and adjust your body to stretching.  It’s a personal favorite for getting the stress out of my lower back and hips after sitting at a desk all day.

Downward Facing Dog:  This is one of the most popular yoga moves and is especially good for women to stretch and relieve tension throughout the core.  However, it may look easy to most but can be difficult to hold when you begin.

Chair Pose:  This is a one of the best yoga moves to help strengthen your core, back, and legs.  The chair pose is similar to a squat position you would take in other workout routines.  It can be a great way to create that shape you want on your legs and backside.

Seated Half Twist:  This pose can be done on both sides, and the link shows the left side.  It is ideal for your back and core muscles.  It can be tough for someone who is larger through their midsection to complete, but attempting is easy to do and is a great option for getting a nice core stretch.

Half Cobra Pose:  This is a great yoga move to help stretch out your lower back and hips.  It’s ideal for those who sit a lot of the time and tend to have sciatica frustrations.  The half cobra pose is also easy for almost any body type to do without pain.

Rotation Pose:  This position is great for both the left and right sides to stretch and relax the hip, lower back, and even the neck.  Following the position suggestions carefully is important to not cause additional strain to your body.

Tree Pose:  If you are familiar with yoga moves at all, the tree pose is one of the more iconic symbols of yoga.  This is a balancing position that is great for those who are trying to strengthen legs and back, or simply learn better coordination.

Half Boat Pose:  For strengthening your back, core, and legs, this is one of the best yoga moves.  It will be harder to hold as you begin, but can also be a great tool to gauge your growth in strength as you continue doing this and it becomes easier.

These yoga moves are perfect for women who are wanting to strengthen their core, back, legs, and backside.  Not only do they offer great motions and stretching to help relax your body overall, but they help you concentrate focus on stronger core muscles.  We know how important the core is for so many aspects of life, so this is a great place to begin in getting healthier one pose at a time.

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Top Strength Training Tips For Women

Women often fear strength training because they believe it will add too much bulk to their frame.  I am here to let you know this isn’t so, and along with that, I am offering some great strength training tips for women.  These tips are ideal for helping women to tone and build strength without feeling like they are working on a body building competition.

Strength Training is made easier when you follow these tips for women!

Top Strength Training Tips For Women

Before you begin any kind of fitness or strength training routine, you need to make sure that your physician has given you the approval to do so.  While most individuals can safely begin exercise there are many cases where it can aggravate a condition. Before any change in diet or exercise, make sure to consult your physician.

As you work on fitness in your daily routine, strength training for women is important.  Women carry more fat on their bodies than men, and it has been proven that having muscle helps burn fat.  Not only do you want to work in tons of cardio activity into your fitness routine to help burn calories, but you want to strengthen your muscles to help make those calories burn even faster.

Learn proper technique.  

When you begin lifting weights as part of strength training, it is vital to do so safely.  Many people stop strength training simply because of injuries due to lack of knowledge.  There are excellent videos on the Mayo Clinic website for how to do many of the traditional strength training exercises.  These videos are ideal for beginners since they detail how to do each movement and give you a great start.

Alternately, you may find a personal trainer at a local gym that can help teach you in person.  While this can be a costly investment for some, there are regularly sales and events that allow you to pay for sessions at a lower rate.  Even if you believe it is out of your budget, don’t hesitate to contact local gyms and ask about their training programs.  You may be surprised at inexpensive offers available.

Use your own body weight in training.

The link above from the Mayo Clinic also shows some amazing tips for using your own body weight in strength training.  For many, this is a great place to begin.  Since you are working on building up strength and also want to limit potential injury, using your own body weight is a great beginning.

There are a number of moves you are probably already familiar with that are actually ideal for strength training.  Things like squats, lunges, and calf lifts are all forms of body weight strength training.  Pull ups, push ups, and even planks are also popular options that are routinely used for strength training rely solely on your own body weight.

Another option for strength training is the use of resistance bands.  These provide just a bit more focus when training that are inexpensive, easy to use anywhere, and ideal for many on a budget.  There are multiple types of resistance bands, but beginners can start for under $15 and work for long term needs.

Add reps before adding weight.  

For those who are concerned about gaining bulk, it is important to remember your goals. Adding more reps to your routine instead of higher weights is a great way to create more toning and enduring strength.  That said, don’t hesitate to increase weight. To create the bulk that many women fear, would take extensively focused training that you aren’t going to get in your 30-45 minute sessions 2-3 times per week.  There really is very little fear of gaining bulk when strength training without focused high protein meals, and excessive training.

These tips for strength training for women are a great way to begin your fitness routine.  Strength in your muscles will help support your body and provide you with better health.  Since we rely so heavily on core strength to support our backs, it is so important to make sure we are building strength and staying toned and strong.  These tips are a great place to begin.

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