Top Yoga Moves For Women

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One of the most popular fitness crazes in recent years has been yoga.  These yoga moves for women are ideal for building those all important core muscles and helping women gain strength and tone their bodies.  While yoga is a great exercise and fitness routine for anyone, it is especially popular with women.  Using your own body weight for strength, and breathing techniques to focus makes it an ideal choice for someone who is looking for an at-home exercise routine.

Yoga Moves like this list are perfect for women. Check out our top beginner moves to strengthen your core and stretch your body with ease!

Top Yoga Moves For Women

If you have never studied yoga moves before, the poses below may sound like a foreign language.  There are some amazing resources with visual aids I will link to within each suggestion, but I also recommend taking the time to grab a few tools to help your journey.  Not only do you really need a quality yoga mat to protect your back and knees, but you may also benefit from grabbing the Yoga Bible.  This book has all of the yoga moves for women in it, but also will give you variations for different levels of accomplishment.  So, a beginner may perform a pose just a bit differently than an advanced person for safety and comfort.

Another great tip for those that are new to figuring out yoga moves is to check out the various options of programs through Amazon Prime that are free for streaming.  There are several great workout routines and programs you can stream through your Amazon account.

Bound Angle Pose:  You may be familiar with this pose simply because it looks like you are just sitting on the floor.  It is a basic stretching move to help open up your hips and adjust your body to stretching.  It’s a personal favorite for getting the stress out of my lower back and hips after sitting at a desk all day.

Downward Facing Dog:  This is one of the most popular yoga moves and is especially good for women to stretch and relieve tension throughout the core.  However, it may look easy to most but can be difficult to hold when you begin.

Chair Pose:  This is a one of the best yoga moves to help strengthen your core, back, and legs.  The chair pose is similar to a squat position you would take in other workout routines.  It can be a great way to create that shape you want on your legs and backside.

Seated Half Twist:  This pose can be done on both sides, and the link shows the left side.  It is ideal for your back and core muscles.  It can be tough for someone who is larger through their midsection to complete, but attempting is easy to do and is a great option for getting a nice core stretch.

Half Cobra Pose:  This is a great yoga move to help stretch out your lower back and hips.  It’s ideal for those who sit a lot of the time and tend to have sciatica frustrations.  The half cobra pose is also easy for almost any body type to do without pain.

Rotation Pose:  This position is great for both the left and right sides to stretch and relax the hip, lower back, and even the neck.  Following the position suggestions carefully is important to not cause additional strain to your body.

Tree Pose:  If you are familiar with yoga moves at all, the tree pose is one of the more iconic symbols of yoga.  This is a balancing position that is great for those who are trying to strengthen legs and back, or simply learn better coordination.

Half Boat Pose:  For strengthening your back, core, and legs, this is one of the best yoga moves.  It will be harder to hold as you begin, but can also be a great tool to gauge your growth in strength as you continue doing this and it becomes easier.

These yoga moves are perfect for women who are wanting to strengthen their core, back, legs, and backside.  Not only do they offer great motions and stretching to help relax your body overall, but they help you concentrate focus on stronger core muscles.  We know how important the core is for so many aspects of life, so this is a great place to begin in getting healthier one pose at a time.

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