4 Best & Worst Foods for Your Bones

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One fun thing about gastric bypass surgery? You can get osteoporosis while loosing weight. When it comes to bone health, the first few foods that probably come to mind are all dairy products. But what if we told you that’s not entirely true? Yes, dairy products do give your body a good dose of calcium, but they’re not really the best foods for your bones. Keep reading to discover the actual top 4 Best & Worst Foods for your Bones.

4 Best & Worst Foods for your Bones

4 Best & Worst Foods for Your Bones

Best Foods for Bone Health

These 4 foods (or food categories) are the best when it comes to improving bone mineral density. Include more of these into your everyday meals to make your bones stronger.

  1. Beans:
    Most beans, particularly black beans have been found to be extremely beneficial for building strong bones. They contain the perfect mix of minerals including magnesium, calcium, potassium as well as phytates- which are essential for the absorption of calcium.
  2. Seeds:
    Including more of seeds (especially pumpkin) into your everyday meals has many benefits- it not only strengthens your bones but also gives your body a good dose of omega 3 fatty acids which helps improve brain, eye and bone health.
  3. Dark Green Leafy Vegetables:
    Green leafy veggies may not be your favorite choice when it comes to foods, but they do a LOT for your bones and give them the much needed calcium, vitamin K, magnesium and more. Try to find ways to sneak more of these in your meals- in your pastas, soups and rice dishes.

    dark leafy greens high in iron

  4. Nuts:
    Nuts make for the perfect healthy snack option, and they too, give your body a good dose of just the right bone-building nutrients. Best of all, they’re super versatile and you can add them to pretty much everything!

Worst Foods for Bone Health

These foods are known to have the worst impact on your bones, so try to cut them out of your diet.

  1. Salt:
    Salt is already bad for you in many ways, and yes, it isn’t great for your bone health too. A study has also found how too much consumption of salt can increase your risk of being affected by fractures.

    can too much salt damage the brain

  2. Dairy Products:
    This one may come as a shocker, but yes, dairy products can also leach the calcium out from your bones, which in turn, decreases bone mineral density, deteriorating your bone health.
  3. Cola:
    This one’s not a big news- you probably already knew that soda and carbonated beverages are not great for your bones due to its phosphoric acid content. Try to skip these as much as possible and stick to fresh fruit juices.
  4. Protein:
    In the right amount, protein can do good for you, but too much of it can have a negative impact on your bones and weaken them.

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