5 Reasons Why Water is Needed Daily

water pouring over cupped hands

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I’ve heard a lot of people say that they can’t stand the taste of water. Water doesn’t really have a taste which is why a lot of people don’t like it. It’s more exciting to drink a soda that’s bursting with sugary flavor. However, there are healthy options to add to your water to make it taste better because you need to be drinking water every day. Here are 5 reasons why water is needed daily.

5 Reasons Why Water is Needed Daily

  1. Your body is mostly made up of water. If you don’t keep that level where it needs to be, you can dehydrate yourself and a lot of times you don’t even know you’re dehydrated. Dehydration is dangerous and can cause you to go to the hospital. Soda is not beneficial hydration nor are any other sugar-packed drinks.
  2. Drinking plenty of water every day will keep your skin clear! We’ve all heard the term, “You are what you eat.” In this case, it’s partially true. You won’t become a walking glass of sugar, however, what you drink gets pushed through your pores by your sweat. So, if you’re drinking things that are packed with unhealthy ingredients, your skin will show it. Nobody likes their skin looking gross.
    5 Reasons Why Water is Needed Daily
  3. Water keeps toxins flushed out of your body. A lot of us don’t realize that the stuff we put in our body can build up toxins on a daily basis. If you keep these toxins flushed out of your body, you will start feeling less sluggish with an overall healthier skip in your step.
  4. Water flushes excess fat out of your body. Fat doesn’t stick to your thighs immediately upon eating it. Also, if you’re exercising, you’re burning fat that can be flushed out. A consistent water intake will boost any fat burning goal.
  5. Water can flush your bowels. All of them. The best way to do this is by drinking 24 ounces of water immediately upon waking up and 45 minutes before your first meal. This will wake your bowels and system up while giving them a major kick start for the day. I don’t want to sound gross, but it does this for both 1 and 2. Some days this works better than others but it immediately starts out your day with a hydrating healthy boost.

Adding water to your daily routine will get easier the longer you do it. Before long, you won’t even be thinking about it, you’ll just be doing it!

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