5+ Super Benefits of Wheatgrass

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Wheatgrass has recently gained a lot of popularity for being one of the healthiest gluten free-alternatives to wheat. And while that’s certainly a plus, you don’t necessarily have to be someone who avoids gluten to eat it. It has many health benefits that makes it worthy of being in your diet too! Read on, to find out the 5+ super benefits of wheatgrass:

5+ Super Benefits of Wheatgrass

5+ Super Benefits of Wheatgrass

  1. Digestion:
    Indigestion can be quite an issue considering the amount of bread that we consume on a daily basis and the gluten that we have. While you don’t necessarily have to convert into having a gluten-free diet, it’s a good thing to have wheatgrass from time to time. This is because this when combined with its blood purifying property boosts digestion and also detoxifies your body, making you feel energetic as well!
  1. Healthy Skin:
    Wheatgrass consists of so many nutrients and phytochemicals that it has earned itself a spot in the superfoods list. Many of these components are antioxidants which can not only prevent the onset of skin diseases such as cancer but will also contribute to better-looking skin. Say goodbye to acne, psoriasis, scars, blemishes and say hello to clear, radiant skin. You can consume wheatgrass juice directly but if you don’t prefer the taste, you can also add a glass of the juice to your bathing water and grab the same benefits to your skin as you would by drinking it!
  1. Weight Loss:
    There are tons of fruits and foods out there that will help you shed some pounds. But there are a few that definitely take the cake due to their sheer number of weight loss properties. Guess what? Wheatgrass is one of them. One glass of this green juice and it will help you get the scale down by detoxifying your body, improves metabolism, helps in reducing cravings, burns calories with its potassium content.

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  1. Multiple options:
    As we’ve mentioned earlier, you don’t necessarily have to have wheatgrass in the form of a juice if you don’t like the taste. There are many ways through which you can reap its benefits. Some of these are including it in recipes and salads, adding it to bathing water (for benefits that work with topical application), capsules and even powdered form. Despite all of these methods, however, experts suggest having a glass of wheatgrass juice to get the maximum benefits.
  1. Energy:
    Wheatgrass has the ability to supply RBCs, or Red Blood Cells, to the entire body. This will leave all of those cells oxygenated and since they require oxygen to function, you’ll feel a boost of energy.
  1. Air purifier:
    This is a rather unique benefit. Since wheatgrass can oxygenate the blood cells in your body, it can also do so to the air around you, thus getting you a restful sleep. All you need to do is place a tray of wheatgrass beside your bed to make the air oxygenated and ultimately feeling restful in the morning.

Among these awesome benefits, which was the one that you found the best? Leave your thoughts, as well as any suggestions in the comments below!

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