10 Cheap & Healthy Foods

10 Cheap & Healthy Foods

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It’s rare that the words cheap and healthy can be used to describe food and what we buy in the supermarket.  But it is doable to watch what we eat and stay on a budget as well by simply stocking up on healthy options especially when they are on sale.  Below are just 10 of some cheap and healthy foods to stock up on now.


10 Cheap & Healthy Foods

  1. Canned tuna.
    Packed with protein and omega-3, tuna is a must have in your pantry for cheap and healthy meals.  Added to salads or mixed with a light or fat free mayonnaise, tuna is a great bet.
  2. Dried Beans.
    So many beans, so little time.  Buying and preparing dried beans is not only inexpensive but they can be used in so many recipes.

    ten healthy things to eat dried beans

  3. Whole grain pasta.
    Again, the variety is endless in the pasta aisle. Not only is whole grain pasta more nutritious than regular pasta, but it is usually the same price as well.
  4. Frozen vegetables.
    What a great stock up item when these go on sale.  Used a side dish with a healthy meal or added to soups and stews, frozen vegetables can do no wrong in your freezer and are always there for you.
  5. Bagged spinach.
    Surprisingly, this produce item is so cost effective and typically on sale especially in the summer months.  It’s always ready to go, lasts about a week in it’s own bag when sealed properly, and is great for salads and also sauteed for a quick healthy side dish.
  6. Whole wheat bread.
    Whole grain and whole wheat bread is an excellent choice to always have around.  When they are buy one, get one, stock up and freeze extra loaves to save money and always have available.

    10 Cheap & Healthy Foods eggs

  7. Eggs.
    This amazing food is not only a healthy one but super inexpensive too.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner calls for any type of egg recipe.
  8. Sweet potatoes.
    Either served sweet with butter and cinnamon or savory with some spices, sweet potatoes are super for sides and a light lunch. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, simply bake and serve.
  9. Canned salmon.
    We often buy tuna, why not canned salmon?  Make salmon cakes or add to salads and get a ton of protein and omega-3’s in your diet.
  10. Greek yogurt.
    Now that greek yogurt varieties are endless the dairy aisle, stock up when they are on special.  They make a great healthy snack and are portable especially when you are on the go.

I hope this quick list of cheap & healthy foods helps stretch your budget — if you think I missed something, please share!

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