Little Ways To Sneak Fitness Into Your Everyday Routine

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Sometimes you just don’t have that extra hour in your day to get to the gym or head out for a 3-mile run. On days where you are just struggling to get everything done, how do you also get your exercise in? It can be tough, but there are little ways to sneak fitness into your everyday routine.

Little Ways To Sneak Fitness Into Your Everyday Routine

Little Ways To Sneak Fitness Into Your Everyday Routine

One of the easiest, and strangest, is to use that time when you use the restroom to your advantage. While you are drying your hands, don’t just stand there, but rather do 10 squats. If you can, do 10 regular squats and then do 10 plie squats. By the end of the day, you will have done 100 squats without really realizing it.

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In the car on your way to work? This is a perfect time to squeeze your butt cheeks. That simple isometric exercise will help tone that hiney! You can get several sets of reps in on the average commute. This is also great for when  you are on any flights and can’t get up to walk around. Warning though – it might look like you are trying to do pelvic thrusts on the plane, if you aren’t sitting with people you know, strange looks will come your way.

Set a timer for every hour while you are working. Stand up and do 10 high knees or 10 pushups against a wall. Your coworkers might look at you funny the first few times, but as it becomes part of your routine, don’t be surprised to see them doing it too.

While waiting for the microwave or coffee pot is a great time to get in lunges and arm circles. Typically, you can get in 10 lunges during one minute while you are waiting. Easy way to sneak fitness in right there!

The next time you know you have a business call to make and you don’t necessarily need to jot down notes, get up and walk around. Head outside, get some clean air, and make your phone calls as you are walking around. It is surprising how far you can walk while you are also getting your work done!

Stike a pose – a yoga pose! You don’t have to do a full hour of yoga to reap the benefits of it, a quick pose or two during open spots of the day can really help with your flexibilty and strength.

This same theory goes for when you are relaxing watching TV. The last thing you want to do is exercise, but you can get a couple minutes in during commercials. Most commercials are 15- or 30-seconds – which is the perfect amount of time for crunches, pushups, planks, stretching, and squats. Change the exercise each time a new commercial comes on so you get a full body workout without really realizing it.

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There are many little different ways to sneak fitness in. Get creative and realize that it doesn’t have to be this huge time suck. A minute or two in between your other activities really adds up!

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