Fruits and Veggies with Fewer Carbs

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If you are on a low carb diet, you might think that green juice is off the table. The good news is – this isn’t true! While you do limit your fruits and eat less veggies than being on other types of diets, there are definitely some product that you can use for a green juice, that will also be lower in carbs and sugar. Here are some different options with fewer carbs available to you to make a healthy, detox green juice with dark leafy greens, broccoli, and some berries known for having less carbs. Have fun making your diet-appropriate green juice that is filled with vitamins!

Fruits and Veggies with Fewer Carbs


For quite some time now, people everywhere have been using broccoli as a great base for their healthy meals. This is because broccoli is packed with many useful and life affirming nutrients. Many of nutrients provide the body with the fuel and building blocks that it needs to keep the human body running at an efficient level. It is also a prominent feature of many low carb diets because of it; slow carb count. Add a protein to a meal with broccoli, and you’ll be sure to have all that you need to have a healthy day.


Spinach is a great source of iron and other nutrients. This leafy vegetable is great as a side or as a main course in meals, and it can quickly be added to a healthy drink that can help you to have more focused and proper digestion. It also contains a lot of calcium and vitamin K to help the body maintain healthy bone density.


Have you ever tried blueberries? If you haven’t, then you are certainly missing out. Blueberries are heavy antioxidants, and can add a really nice sweet flavor to any dessert or drink. They are low in carbs, while leaving a lasting impression that you’ll love. You can also freeze them for a tasty snack! Another option is to use strawberries or raspberries, which have even less carbs than blueberries.


Apples are one of the world’s most popular fruit next to the all-powerful banana. These fleshy fruits are low carbs and provide a long list of benefits that aid in daily body functions. They are high in fiber and help the body to physically rid the body of waste build up. They can also help get rid of toxins by attracting the undesirable particles to them and being deposited in the small intestine for excretion.

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