Will Gastric Bypass Help PCOS?

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Will Gastric Bypass Help PCOS? Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is a medical condition in which the ovaries produce an abnormally high amount of androgen. The androgens are male sex hormones that are present in small amounts in women. The term polycystic ovary syndrome refers to the many fluid-filled sacs that are formed in the ovaries. However, some women suffer from PCOS but have not developed any cysts. Some women have cysts, although they are not suffering from this disorder.

will gastric bypass surgery help pcos

Ovulation occurs when a mature egg is released from an ovary in a woman’s body. However, in some cases, not enough hormones are produced in the body so that the women can ovulate. When the ovulation does not happen, several small cysts get developed. These cysts are responsible for producing hormones that are known as androgens. Women with PCOS have high levels of androgens. This little fact causes problems in the menstrual cycle and the majority of the symptoms of PCOS.

What are the primary causes of PCOS?

The exact cause of PCOS is still not known today. But it has been seen by studying several cases that the condition of PCOS may run even in families. It is very common for sisters or even a mother and a daughter to have PCOS.

Are there any risks for PCOS?

Doctors believe that a woman can get PCOS if her mother or sister has it. You may also develop PCOS if you are obese or have insulin resistance.

What are the significant symptoms of PCOS?
  • Missed and irregular periods
  • Ovaries that have cysts
  • Excess body hair
  • Weight gain in the abdomen region
  • Oily skin
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How is PCOS treated?

The treatment for PCOS depends on a lot of factors. These include but are not restricted to age, the overall health, and the severity of the symptoms. The type of treatment will also take into consideration whether there are any plans of getting pregnant. The treatment options usually include a change in lifestyle and diet. A healthy diet and regular physical activities can help one lose weight and thereby reduce the symptoms.

Medications are also widely advised by doctors to help the ovaries release the egg regularly. However, these medications have certain risks. They can cause ovarian hyper-stimulation and increases the chance of having twins or triplets. It is to be remembered that there is no set cure for PCOS, but one can manage the symptoms of PCOS. The doctor will work on a definite treatment plan taking into consideration the signs, the lifestyle, the dietary habits, and the risks. Many women need a combination of treatments.

Will Gastric Bypass Help PCOS?

Is surgery needed? How can it help PCOS?

Any doctor would advise diet and lifestyle changes and/or medications to deal with medical conditions like PCOS. However, surgery is also an option, but only if other lines of treatment do not work at all. Women who are suffering from PCOS have thick-shelled ovaries that prevent spontaneous ovulation. Surgery helps to restore ovulation, and the most common types of operations include ovarian drilling, gastric sleeve surgery, and gastric bypass surgery.

The gastric sleeve surgery for PCOS is a safe procedure with low mortality rates and is performed by surgeons across the world, mainly on an outpatient basis. However, the patients who are considered for same-day gastric sleeve surgery for PCOS are usually low-risk patients and where the chances for re-admission for post-operative concerns are pretty low. It has been seen that gastric sleeve surgery has been beneficial for PCOS patients who are looking to lose weight and those who want to augment fertility rates.

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The Roux-en-y bypass surgery is a common and widely performed procedure. It is advantageous in reversing insulin resistance, a significant problem for women suffering from PCOS, even before they have started to lose weight. Many have pointed out this procedure involves a high as the nutrients can be malabsorbed. However, now, this is corrected through nutritional supplements and close monitoring on the nutritional status.

Which form of surgery is better?

It is to be remembered that Gastric Sleeve surgery is a relatively new procedure with very few published studies. Medical experts believe that complications are lower in gastric sleeve surgery procedure is no surgical bypass is involved, and there is no implantation of devices. This procedure is useful, but recent studies have shown that Rny bypass surgery is better for aiding weight loss, improving the sensitivity to insulin and to overcome the complications associated with PCOS. The level of patient satisfaction is higher with women who have undergone the Rny bypass surgery procedure. So the general consensus is that women with PCOS are better off with the Rny surgical procedure. Still, the final decision rests on many factors like goals for the surgery, medical history, the symptoms of PCOS, etc. As always, a talk with your doctor would be a great place to start.

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