Top 5 Kidney Cleansing Foods and Recipes

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Just like the heart and the brain, the kidneys too, are organs that are extremely important for the body’s well being. They are concerned with the filtration of the toxins and their removal, which is why, optimum functioning of the kidneys is necessary especially when it comes to detoxification of the body. That said, what could be better than giving your kidneys a nice cleanse by simply including a few foods to your everyday meals? That is why it is important to know the Top 5 Kidney Cleansing Foods and Recipes.

Top 5 Kidney Cleansing Foods and Recipes

Keep reading to discover the best kidney cleansing foods out there that you should get more of, and how to put them to use.

Top 5 Kidney Cleansing Foods and Recipes


Versatile and easily available, lemon is one of the most powerful natural detoxifying agents out there. Also, since lemon is acidic in nature, it can increase the citrate levels in urine, which helps reduce the risk of formation of kidney stones.

Starting your day with a glass of warm water and some lemon juice is a good way to detox your body and cleanse your kidneys. Also squeeze a lemon over your food preparations as much as you can.

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Watermelon is a super juicy fruit, and 90% of it is made up of water, which means it is an excellent source of fluids- exactly what your kidneys need to cleanse themselves. The remaining part of the watermelon is packed with fiber which can help remove the buildup of wastes. Plus, it also contains potassium, which helps reduce blood pressure levels, which is another crucial aspect when it comes to maintaining kidney health.

Sip on some fresh watermelon juice or bite on some chunks for a nice kidney cleanse.


Beet and beet juice contain betaine, which is a powerful phytochemical that packs in antioxidants, and can help increase the acidity of urine. When consumed, it can help remove the buildup of calcium phosphate and struvite from the kidneys, and cleanse them from within, reducing the likelihood of development of kidney stones.

Add beet to your salads and soups for a nice color, or drink it up as a fresh juice.


Cranberries and cranberry juice has been in use since ages for the natural treatment of urinary tract infection, but there’s a lot more to it than just that. Research has shown that cranberries can also help cleanse the kidneys of the excess calcium oxalate which is one of the main factors that contribute to kidney stones.

You can munch on fresh cranberries, use it in your desserts or sip on some juice too.

Veggie + Fruit Juices

You may have heard of juice cleanses already, and it turns out, they are super effective when it comes to cleaning the kidneys. These juices combine the power of vegetables and fruits into one, and are packed full of antioxidants, water and nutrients which can help cleanse the kidneys and strengthen them,

Apples, lettuce, pears, peaches, zucchini, pineapple, kale, celery, carrots and oranges are the best fruits and veggies you can juice together and consume for a nice kidney cleanse.

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