What is Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery is done to primarily solve or treat morbid or severe obesity and other health problems associated with it. What is Gastric Bypass Surgery? A surgical procedure in which the stomach is made smaller. The food will bypass part of the small intestine. By doing so, the patient will consume less because he feels full immediately. Getting full quickly would reduce the calories taken by the body and eventually lead to weight loss.

What is Gastric Bypass Surgery

Understanding Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass is just among the many similar operations to reduce obesity. To refer to all of these procedures, bariatric surgery is the term. These operations intend to reduce accumulated fatty tissues by altering the physiological and psychological attitude of a patient towards food and eating.

How does it alter normal digestion?

What usually happens is that after eating, the food would go through the stomach and then proceed to the small intestine. The nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine before it goes to the large intestine where waste is eventually pushed out of the body. The most common gastric bypass procedure, the Roux-en Y gastric bypass, alters this process.

In the Roux-en gastric bypass, a small pouch is made on the top part of the stomach. The lower part of the stomach, which is much smaller now, is connected directly to the middle part of the small intestine. The stomach was made smaller, and at the same time, the intestine was cut short, the upper portion of the small intestine was bypassed. Both the upper part of the stomach and the small intestine no longer digest food.

What is Gastric Bypass Surgery Weight Loss?

Statistics showed that patients would lose 60%, on average, of their weight after the gastric bypass surgery. There are even who would say that they have lost 80% of their weight. Studies are showing that about 90% of patients who have undergone gastric surgery were able to maintain their weight loss after ten years of having the surgery performed.

Having gastric surgery is not risk-free, though. People who have undergone this procedure would report more cases of gallstones; in other studies, they would also report nutritional issues like anemia or osteoporosis.

Every year about 140,000 gastric procedures are being performed in the United States alone. The results could be successful, with people being able to get better weight-loss results. However, about 2% of patients would find it very fatal. In the 2%, one percent could be as a result of complications during surgery. The heart is unable to support the pumping it has to do to handle the excess weight or the complication brought by it. That is why yuo need a good surgical team and a lot of presurgery consultation.

The other one percent cause of fatality among people who go through the procedure would be about not following the dietary restrictions that should be followed after the surgery. After gastric surgery, the body could no longer handle too much intake of high-sugar and high-fat food. There is a special diet that those who have just undergone surgery should follow. Bypass diet would usually include foods that are high in protein but low in fat, fiber, calories, and sugar. There are vitamins and mineral supplements that are required to be taken to avoid health and nutritional deficiencies.

With more and more people turning to gastric bypass surgery as a weight-loss option, it is essential to understand not only the procedure and the benefits. When looking at what is Gastric Bypass Surgery, it is important to do a lot of research on your own. It is also important to weigh the risks and if our lifestyle and our body would be able to handle the dramatic loss of weight.

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What is Gastric Bypass Dumping Syndrome?

Dumping syndrome is a common medical condition in which the stomach begins to empty its contents into the 1st part of the small intestine at a speed which is faster than usual. This phenomenon of dumping is also known as rapid gastric emptying.

dumping syndrome

What is Gastric Bypass Dumping Syndrome?

People who are suffering from this suffer from symptoms like nausea and abdominal cramping. These symptoms crop up when the small intestine is unable to absorb nutrients from the food that has not been digested in the proper manner in the stomach. A person is more likely to suffer from it if you have undergone any specific gastric surgery like gastric bypass surgery. This condition can also develop in people who have undergone esophageal surgery. The majority of the people with this problem experience symptoms like abdominal cramps within 30 min of eating. However, many people have late symptoms too.

What causes dumping syndrome?

The primary cause of the dumping syndrome is attributed to the phenomenon by which the food rushes from the stomach to the 1st part of the small intestine i.e., duodenum.

The digestive tract produces and releases hormones that control the working of the digestive system. When the food moves very quickly from the stomach to the duodenum, the gastrointestinal tract tends to release more hormones than what is typically required. The fluid also runs from the blood to the small intestine during this time. Medical experts strongly believe that the movement of the liquid and the excess hormones into the small intestine causes the symptoms of what is known as early dumping syndrome.

The medical opinion is that excess hormones force the pancreas into creating a large amount of insulin. Excess insulin can lead to a low level of blood glucose at least 1 to 3 hours after the meal, thereby causing the symptoms of late dumping syndrome.

What is the difference between the Early Phase and the Late Phase?

There are 2 phases pf dumping syndrome

  • The early dumping syndrome – the symptoms begin as early as 10 min after eating
  • The late dumping syndrome – the symptoms occur at least 2 hours post meals.

At least 75% of the people experience early dumping syndrome and the remaining face late dumping syndrome. However, there are a handful of people who experience both the phases.

The early syndrome is characterized by the sudden onset of a large amount of food in the stomach. This large amount of food causes a swift movement of fluid in the intestine, which causes bloating and a certain degree of discomfort. On the other hand, the late variety occurs when the body releases a large amount of insulin. A high level of insulin in the blood leads to a low blood glucose level.

What is Gastric Bypass Dumping Syndrome?

What are the symptoms of dumping syndrome?

The symptoms of the dumping syndrome will depend on the kind that you may have. As stated earlier, the early variety occurs within 30 min of finishing the meal. The main symptoms are vomiting, abdominal cramping, nausea, and feeling bloated.

The symptoms of the late variety, however, occur 2 to 3 hours after the meal. The main symptoms are dizziness, cold sweats, low blood sugar, and overall weakness.

How can you treat dumping syndrome?

The early dumping syndrome usually resolves on its own within a span of 2 to 3 months. In the meantime, you can adopt changes to your diet to ease the symptoms, and the doctor, too, will recommend medications and/or surgery as per the doctor’s choice.


People who have severe symptoms but are not getting any relief from diet changes can consult doctors. The doctor will prescribe an anti-diarrheal drug (given by injection) that will slow the emptying of the food into the small intestine. Nausea and vomiting are said to be the possible side effects.


Doctors may also suggest surgical procedures to treat people afflicted with dumping syndrome that is not responding well to conservative approaches. The majority of these operations are reconstructive surgeries or an attempt to reverse the gastric bypass surgery.


Many patients use supplements like pectin and blond psyllium to thicken the digestive contents and thereby slow down its progress to the small intestine. If you are thinking of trying out a supplement, then you must consult your doctor first and learn all about the potential side effects and/or the possible interactions with the medicines that you are already taking. Many people have experienced adverse effects after starting on alternative medicines, so the discretion of the doctor is highly recommended in this case.

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My Personal Journey

Hi! My name is Dannelle, and I had my life-changing RnY surgery on March 1, 2018. So far, I have lost just over 150 pounds, have reversed diabetes, lowered my blood pressure, increased my energy, and have taken on the world!

Here is my personal journey…

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Hernia Doctor…

It was the fall of 2016, and I was having a blast at my kickboxing class! I was planking, doing push-ups, boxing, and working up a sweat until one morning that I noticed that my belly button was an “outie”. After 48 years of having an “innie,” I figured there might be something wrong.

I made an appointment with my doctor and did the “Google” thing beforehand.

Umbilical Hernia?

Yup – that is what my doc said. He then referred me to a surgeon.

Umbilical Hernia?

Yup – that is what my surgeon said…but then when on to say that I was a poor candidate for surgery. Being a plus-size lady meant that the hernia would likely come back.

Does anyone out there hate hearing “if you only lost a little weight…..”?


“You have acid reflux? That wouldn’t have happened if you had only lost a little weight…”

“You stubbed your toe? That wouldn’t have happened if you had only lost a little weight…”

“You have the flu? That wouldn’t have happened if you’d only lost a little weight..”

Again, ugh.

Then, the good doctor hands me a folder full of stuff and goes on to share that his real specialty is weight loss surgery. Had I ever considered it?

Um, no.

He explains a little to me, and then that was the end of my appointment.

At home, I read through the information and slept on it. I chatted with the family and decided that it might be a good idea, so I started to fill out the forms.

Then life happened…

I didn’t get back to the forms as my Father-In-Law had finally gotten too blind to still live on his own. He had a great run, though; he was 94! It was time to move him in and then clean out his house. Let’s just say that it took almost ten months, and at the end? He was in a nursing home with the early stages of dementia.

It was time to find the forms and finish filling them out.

Do I Have Multiple Personalities?

So, I handed in my paperwork for the Gastric Bypass surgery and was accepted into the program! The first day, I had FOUR appointments, back to back: Dietician, Psychologist, Surgeon, and Lab work. The first step was being led to a room and having nine more forms to fill out — all questions about me!

One form had 300 questions. and many of them asked the same thing, but in a different way. Here were a few that I was stuck on:

Do you consider yourself famous? / Do you have delusions of grandeur?

Yes. (?)

I had to explain that one — but after blogging for ten years, all the public speaking and financial lectures I have given or participated in and all the TV segments I have done? People stop me at the grocery store to talk to me. People come up and hug me. People email me all the time with questions. I now have people come up to me with one of my books and ask for me to sign them.

I think that means I can consider myself famous?

Do You Have Multiple Personalities? / Do you feel like you are more than one person?

Yes (?)

Another explanation (sigh). I am a writer and have published MANY books under different pen names. When I was Senior Editor for Wisconsin Parent, I had over ten pages pop up when my name was Googled. I was writing adult romance novels and didn’t want it to pop up “oh, and she writes smut too….” (snort)! So, I have several pen names! Danielle Gray (I know, a real stretch there) is what I used for Historical Romances. Think 1890’s Western Frontier. Think Little House on the Prairie but with more heat.

Marie Fraser was for the romance stories that included Animal Shifters and Paranormal. (think dragon shifters, wolves and bears). Currently, I am wrapping up a series on Santa’s Reindeer. Mrs. Clause feels that it is time the boys settle down, so she created a dating agency – just for them!

There is also Sara Burdette, Claire Violante, etc.

I actually THINK like them when I am writing. One does military romance, and one does contemporary detective stories, etc. I was driving down the road one day and had Wisconsin Public Radio on. The announcer said, “Wisconsin Wolf population is up 5% with approximately 925 wolves reported. They do their counts in Winter before the spring pups are born, so this may be off a little. There have been 15 counts of wolf attacks so far, mostly Farm livestock, and one was a dog. The state of Wisconsin pays out when they have wolf attacks….”

That jump-started my Wolves of Wisconsin 5 book series for Marie!

I am a shrink’s nightmare but wasn’t kicked out of the program. Take that Freud!

I’ve Got Class

Once you are in the weight loss surgery program, you get to take class when they say you are ready for them. You have passed tests, labs, your psych evaluation, and it is now time to learn what to expect from this process. Significant life changes are coming your way and, a good program wants to make sure you are as educated as you can possibly be for it.

I got a massive binder at the first of the three classes. It is full of what to expect before, during, and after the actual surgery. What kind of diet changes and exercise should one do to prepare? What kind of habits do you need to change now to make your post-surgery life easier? What will your eating schedule be like while you are recovering from surgery, and your body is healing? Why is it the easiest to lose weight the first year post-surgery than it will ever be?

All of that was answered, with accompanying homework and reviews.

We talked about recipe ideas, dinner tips, how to keep your head in the game for the long run win. It was worth the time invested and reassured me that this was the right team to be working with for this major change in my life. This surgery is simply a TOOL to change a life, and these people were dedicated to making sure we all knew how to use it to the best of our abilities.


There is one more class to take, but it is after my surgery date is set. It has all the final details and hospital information too – I find out Wednesday when I get my invite to “class D”.

Until then?

I am sipping my water in between meals. I am listening to my hunger cues. I am balancing protein and carbs. I am working out in the health club I just joined. I am drinking my protein shakes. I am waiting…

I’m a Pill Popper

One of the reasons I chose to go through the weight loss surgery process was to be able to stop taking a lot of the pills that I was on. My arthritis won’t bother me as much when I weigh less. My acid reflux won’t be as big a problem. I won’t take medicine for blood sugars. I won’t have high blood pressure medicine to help with my migraines. I won’t even need my C-pap machine! It turns out that still, I’m a Pill Popper.

Most of the pills I am currently on, I will be off of before my actual surgery. Having less of a stomach means I will have a few issues absorbing nutrients from my food so I will have supplements for the rest of my life.

  • Chewable multivitamins, twice a day.
  • Vitamin B12 dissolvable.
  • Vitamin D
  • Calcium with Vitamin D.
  • Ursodiol for six months to prevent gall stones.
  • ooh – and Benefiber.

Any pill I take will now have to be small, no larger than an eraser on a pencil. If I have to take a capsule, it will have to be pulled apart and mixed with water or added to pureed food. After 4-6 weeks of my surgery, I can go back to “normal” sized pills.

Vitamin D is much better for me than Celebrex (a NSAID medication), so I have to look at the upside of things. Yes, I will always have to take pills from now on, but they are vitamins instead of medications that treat the symptoms of an issue. I will be fixing the problems themselves!

And I Pee All the Time

Ladies, do you ever feel like you have to pee all the time? Think the last month or two of a pregnancy where you sit down and almost instantly have to get up to go back to the bathroom. Well, the countdown is on! My big surgery is less than two weeks away, and I am on my liquid diet. I pee all the time…

Here is an example of my day:

8:00 AM – protein shake

9:30 AM – sugar-free Jell-O with 8 ounces of water

10:30 AM – protein shake

noon – 16 ounces of water

1:00 PM – protein shake

2:30 PM – cup of low sodium broth and 8 ounces of water

3:30 PM – protein shake

5:00 PM – 16 ounces of water

6:30 PM – protein shake

8:00 PM – cup of low sodium broth and 16 ounces of water

That is around my busy schedule of working out at 8:30 AM and going to bed at 9:00 PM.

120 ounces of liquid a day – now you know why I pee all the time!

This is to help get my stomach ready for the post-surgery diet of liquids, then soft foods, then pureed foods…whoever said this was the “easy way” to lose weight had no idea what they were talking about!

I would love to share more this week, but I think I should buy some short term stock in Angel Soft toilet paper…

Lather, Rinse, Repeat 

Here is yet another fun thing about my weight loss surgery journey. Being uber clean before surgery. I actually had an appointment to set through where I learned this all. The Lather, Rinse, Repeat method.

The night before surgery, I have to take a shower. Then, get out of the shower and use this on my chest and belly. I was informed repeatedly that I was not to use it on my face or groin area. (I assume that this means that people HAVE and that is why they frequently say not to…) Then, I get a clean, fresh towel and dry off. It can’t be a clean towel from the linen closet; it has to be just out of the washer and dryer.

Next comes clean and fresh jammies or nightgown. Again, not out of a drawer, but out of a washer and dryer.

Time for bed? I have to crawl into clean and fresh sheets and blankets. Again, not out of a drawer, but out of a washer and dryer.

The next morning?

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

I have to take a shower. Then, get out of the shower and use this on my chest and belly.

Again, I was informed repeatedly that I was not to use it on my face or groin area. (Some people serve as warnings to others…)

Then, I get a clean, fresh towel and dry off. It can’t be a clean towel from the linen closet; it has to be just out of the washer and dryer.

Next comes clean and fresh clothes. Again, not out of a drawer, but out of a washer and dryer.

Then, I can work my way to the hospital before my surgery, as I down a large Gatorade. (more on that later).

That, my dears, is the Lather, Rinse, Repeat method.

I am pretty sure that they will disinfect me while I am under anesthesia as they get ready for my incisions. This process is to help prevent infections during surgery and the healing process. I just have to remember – not use it on my face or groin area.

It’s Just a Little Prick…

Let me preface this with the fact that I am looking in the humor in this. I totally bonded with Chrissy, she made me super comfortable, and I think she wants to adopt my daughter. I really appreciate her NOT trying to give me an IV when she thought she wouldn’t be able to do it.

If it is one thing I hate more than anything else in all the world, it is getting an IV. Here I am, getting ready to go under the knife for my surgery and all comfy in my purple insulated gown that has a hose pumping warm air into it. It might be the first time in a few weeks that I wasn’t cold, hence the big smile. Here, my nurse shares her good news with me: It’s Just A Little Prick.

Now, I don’t want to come out and tell her she is a liar to her face. I know it is more than “Just A Little Prick” as I was almost fifty and had been on the receiving end of attempted IVs a few times. Chrissy, that angel of mercy (who turned out to be a liar) said she was the master of the stick! It would be over in no time!

Did I say liar yet?

I don’t want to be too mean, after all, look at the stylish socks she gave me! They are the ultimate in “I am still groggy and have to walk around carrying my pole with me but don’t want to slip” chic. I will not verify if I am still wearing them right now, as I type this all up….

Sadly, I have never been an “easy stick” and know I am in trouble when I see small heating pads come at me, and my arm is already numb from the rubber tourniquet. I hated having IV therapy for migraines and am much happier in the world of intermuscular shots!

I will give Chrissy credit for being a coward: she didn’t want to try her hand with my hand. She got the big guy: Dr. Ford. Just in case you run across him, he thinks he is funny and likes to instigate trouble with his team. Watch out for that one. At least he married well: a nurse, and they have six kids. I heard they figured out what they were doing by the time number six came around…those medical degrees finally put to use!

Seriously, Dr. Ford has the gift of gab and puts you totally at ease. The blend of BS and understated knowledgeable skill catch you off guard, and he is done before you know he started. It is the first time anyone ever used a topical numbing agent on my skin first!

Ta-dah – It’s Just A Little Prick

I had it in less than 48 hours as I went home the next afternoon, but two weeks later?

You can still see the bruises on my delicate skin.

Muscle Memory

Every Sunday, we snuck a quick donut hole or two at church before service. Muscle Memory had me going to the bowl, even though I had just started my liquid diet, and Miss Sarah “caught me” before I ate one.

Muscle Memory. I was just so used to going to the bowl of donut holes and grabbing one it was just habit.

I did have my “ah ha” moment after Miss Sarah called me out on in.

I was not trying to cheat on my liquid diet; it was simply Muscle Memory.

Miss Sarah was delighted to have her donut holes still and then breathe on me so I could “enjoy” them.

Have I ever told you that she is a brat?


I am sure I will come across other things that were just habit, but I will now be on the lookout for them. This was simply an eye-opener for me, and I will be better equipped in the future not only to notice those moments but to handle them.

Thanks to Miss Sarah for catching it and helping me out – she really is a gem who is helping to support me on this journey even if she is a brat occasionally.

No More Hole-y Shirts For This Gal

When I was younger, we used to joke that we had a new “church shirt” if we had a hole pop up in one of them. You could wear it to church because it was “hole-y”. Of course, my mother would never let us actually WEAR them to church, but it was a family joke. Well, No More Hole-y Shirts For This Gal!

This is pretty much just a pudgy person problem: holes in your shirts. It’s easy enough to see how they are created as they line up perfectly with the button (or rivet) on our jeans. When trying to slide into a snug space between a booth seat and a table, that button rubs against the table. It wears out the fabric and creates the hole.

Ta-dah! A “hole-y” shirt has been born.

It really sucks because it is hard to hide a hole that is right in front of your body, on a shirt. If the shirt is a light color, then the dark jeans show through. If you have a pattern, the pattern now has a giant disconnect.

It sucks.

One thing losing the weight has done is to make a large gap between the edge of that table and my tummy. I can slide into a booth like the best of them and have no fear of killing another item of clothing.

No More Holey Shirts For This Gal!

Goodbye Suite Life

If you are a chubby person (I refuse to refer to myself as being FAT), then you tend to find the standard sized bathroom stalls a bit on the cramped side. Now that I have been dropping the weight from my Gastric Bypass surgery? It’s time to say Goodbye Suite Life.

So the other day I, used a public restroom and did not take the suite. You all know what the suite is, it’s the larger room that a family of five could live in. It has those decorative railings along the wall that looks like they could almost be a grab bar. It has additional room for a sleeping toddler if you pull the bed down from the wall. It has coat hooks, purse hooks, and often, a sink! How thoughtful of them to provide fresh water for your visit – right?

Anyway, 70 lbs less and the non-suite stall was very comfortable. It’s not like I could have people over, but it is nice when your legs don’t brush up against the walls. It’s nice not having the toilet paper dispenser jab me in the thigh. I like not having that on-the-floor trash can snuggling up to my hiney.

If you are skinny, you will never understand how we have to enter the stall, straddle the toilet, just to be able to turn around and close the door.


I don’t miss any of that.

It’s the little things in life people the little things…like being able to say Goodbye Suite Life!

Holy Mother of Migraines

In my pre-surgery life, I had an issue with migraines. Seriously, for over thirty years, I have dealt with them. I did ask my surgical team how they might change post-surgery, and no one had an answer.

I have the answer now: they are worse.

The first year or so, they increased dramatically. It turns out that women kick off extra estrogen when they lose weight rapidly. Estrogen can be a migraine trigger – and if you are sensitive to that hormone change? You will be like me and have an increase in painful events.

I am allergic to most migraine meds and treatments, so I take morphine. My primary doc was able to get me liquid morphine to take at home instead of the pills I used to take. Most tablets are harder to digest before we pass them, and the liquid works really well for me. It is better than hitting the urgent care twice a week for a “rescue shot.”

They DID end up tapering off a bit after about fourteen months of fun but are still up from where they were pre-surgery.

If you get migraines? Have a chat with your doctor and make a back-up plan for that first year of surgery.

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8 Things To Do While Walking On a Treadmill

  1. Read your emails. Reading emails is something that we do every day. Why not make use of the time you’re walking on a treadmill by going through your inbox and spam on your phone?
  2. Catch up on your Facebook feed. Friends post sometimes once an hour. Instead of checking your phone time and time again throughout the day to see who posted what, why not do it while you’re exercising and free up all of that other time you would have used?
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  4. Work. If you work from home you have most likely developed a way that you can work from your mobile device if you aren’t by a computer. Take that into consideration when exercising.
  5. Read a book or magazine. That book that’s been sitting in the shelf forever deserves to be read, and unless you get dizzy or a stomach ache while walking and reading, it’s a good alternative to mindlessly walking.
  6. Catch up with a friend. If you and a friend both go to the same gym, set up a time to go together and catch up. Talking with someone always makes the time go faster when walking on a treadmill.

    things to do while on a treadmill

  7. Meal plan. This one involves your mobile device as well. Look up recipes and use a calendar or meal plan app to plan a week or even a months worth of meals. Planning meals while exercising will also encourage healthier meal choices.
  8. Make an amazon wish list. When someone asks you what you want for your birthday or the holidays, it’s easy to send them over to an amazon wish list. They can even purchase and ship it to you gift wrapped right on amazon. Browse items on amazon and add them to your list while you’re on the treadmill.

So what are you going to do the next time you work out? Let us know!

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Top 5 Kidney Cleansing Foods and Recipes

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Top 5 Kidney Cleansing Foods and Recipes


Versatile and easily available, lemon is one of the most powerful natural detoxifying agents out there. Also, since lemon is acidic in nature, it can increase the citrate levels in urine, which helps reduce the risk of formation of kidney stones.

Starting your day with a glass of warm water and some lemon juice is a good way to detox your body and cleanse your kidneys. Also squeeze a lemon over your food preparations as much as you can.

colon cleanse


Watermelon is a super juicy fruit, and 90% of it is made up of water, which means it is an excellent source of fluids- exactly what your kidneys need to cleanse themselves. The remaining part of the watermelon is packed with fiber which can help remove the buildup of wastes. Plus, it also contains potassium, which helps reduce blood pressure levels, which is another crucial aspect when it comes to maintaining kidney health.

Sip on some fresh watermelon juice or bite on some chunks for a nice kidney cleanse.


Beet and beet juice contain betaine, which is a powerful phytochemical that packs in antioxidants, and can help increase the acidity of urine. When consumed, it can help remove the buildup of calcium phosphate and struvite from the kidneys, and cleanse them from within, reducing the likelihood of development of kidney stones.

Add beet to your salads and soups for a nice color, or drink it up as a fresh juice.


Cranberries and cranberry juice has been in use since ages for the natural treatment of urinary tract infection, but there’s a lot more to it than just that. Research has shown that cranberries can also help cleanse the kidneys of the excess calcium oxalate which is one of the main factors that contribute to kidney stones.

You can munch on fresh cranberries, use it in your desserts or sip on some juice too.

Veggie + Fruit Juices

You may have heard of juice cleanses already, and it turns out, they are super effective when it comes to cleaning the kidneys. These juices combine the power of vegetables and fruits into one, and are packed full of antioxidants, water and nutrients which can help cleanse the kidneys and strengthen them,

Apples, lettuce, pears, peaches, zucchini, pineapple, kale, celery, carrots and oranges are the best fruits and veggies you can juice together and consume for a nice kidney cleanse.

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I Have Rocked Out The Meal Planning

I Have Rocked Out The Meal Planning? Wouldn’t it be amazing if Dwayne Johnson actually came over to your house, made a few meals for you and did the dishes too? Is that weird that my secret fantasy is something like that? Seriously, I could care less about being carried to the bedroom, unless it was to take a nap while he cleaned for me…

OK, maybe not.


I Have Rocked Out The Meal Planning

I knew this surgery was coming and took a month or two to fill the freezer full of yumminess that could be cooked in a crock pot or in the oven. What kind of things are in there?

SUPER Easy Chili Dog Casserole

That just starts to give you an idea.

When I make a recipe, I actually make two or three of the same recipe. It is a time saver, and instead of making 50 meals for the freezer, I just have to make 25, twice.


  1. It is easier on the grocery budget.
    I see that boneless skinless chicken breast is the big sale of the week and get twenty pounds of it. THEN I whip up a bunch of recipes that use it like the chicken chili, chicken pot pies and Reuben chicken. The next week pork roasts are on sale? Time for BBQ pork on a bun or apple sauce spiced pork chops.

  2. It is less time consuming.
    Face it, you can make two of something as easily as one. All the ingredients are out and it takes a fraction on a minute to make an extra.

  3. It’s good stewardship.
    If the family really doesn’t care for the first one they eat, ear mark the second one as a dish to share with a friend who is going through a tough time. Use it as a blessing to someone else.

That all being said, while I have been enjoying my liquid diet, they have been eating well. After surgery, when I am still on a liquid diet? They will still be eating well. There are enough meals in the freezer for almost two months, longer if they enjoy the leftovers. That doesn’t include the quarts of chicken soup that I canned last fall, or restaurant gifts cards I stacked up!

Dwayne, I could still use you though for meal planning …let me know when you are in the neighborhood!

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Top Yoga Moves For Women

One of the most popular fitness crazes in recent years has been yoga.  These yoga moves for women are ideal for building those all important core muscles and helping women gain strength and tone their bodies.  While yoga is a great exercise and fitness routine for anyone, it is especially popular with women.  Using your own body weight for strength, and breathing techniques to focus makes it an ideal choice for someone who is looking for an at-home exercise routine.

Yoga Moves like this list are perfect for women. Check out our top beginner moves to strengthen your core and stretch your body with ease!

Top Yoga Moves For Women

If you have never studied yoga moves before, the poses below may sound like a foreign language.  There are some amazing resources with visual aids I will link to within each suggestion, but I also recommend taking the time to grab a few tools to help your journey.  Not only do you really need a quality yoga mat to protect your back and knees, but you may also benefit from grabbing the Yoga Bible.  This book has all of the yoga moves for women in it, but also will give you variations for different levels of accomplishment.  So, a beginner may perform a pose just a bit differently than an advanced person for safety and comfort.

Another great tip for those that are new to figuring out yoga moves is to check out the various options of programs through Amazon Prime that are free for streaming.  There are several great workout routines and programs you can stream through your Amazon account.

Bound Angle Pose:  You may be familiar with this pose simply because it looks like you are just sitting on the floor.  It is a basic stretching move to help open up your hips and adjust your body to stretching.  It’s a personal favorite for getting the stress out of my lower back and hips after sitting at a desk all day.

Downward Facing Dog:  This is one of the most popular yoga moves and is especially good for women to stretch and relieve tension throughout the core.  However, it may look easy to most but can be difficult to hold when you begin.

Chair Pose:  This is a one of the best yoga moves to help strengthen your core, back, and legs.  The chair pose is similar to a squat position you would take in other workout routines.  It can be a great way to create that shape you want on your legs and backside.

Seated Half Twist:  This pose can be done on both sides, and the link shows the left side.  It is ideal for your back and core muscles.  It can be tough for someone who is larger through their midsection to complete, but attempting is easy to do and is a great option for getting a nice core stretch.

Half Cobra Pose:  This is a great yoga move to help stretch out your lower back and hips.  It’s ideal for those who sit a lot of the time and tend to have sciatica frustrations.  The half cobra pose is also easy for almost any body type to do without pain.

Rotation Pose:  This position is great for both the left and right sides to stretch and relax the hip, lower back, and even the neck.  Following the position suggestions carefully is important to not cause additional strain to your body.

Tree Pose:  If you are familiar with yoga moves at all, the tree pose is one of the more iconic symbols of yoga.  This is a balancing position that is great for those who are trying to strengthen legs and back, or simply learn better coordination.

Half Boat Pose:  For strengthening your back, core, and legs, this is one of the best yoga moves.  It will be harder to hold as you begin, but can also be a great tool to gauge your growth in strength as you continue doing this and it becomes easier.

These yoga moves are perfect for women who are wanting to strengthen their core, back, legs, and backside.  Not only do they offer great motions and stretching to help relax your body overall, but they help you concentrate focus on stronger core muscles.  We know how important the core is for so many aspects of life, so this is a great place to begin in getting healthier one pose at a time.

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