How to Stick with a Low-Calorie Diet

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I know what you’re thinking, a diet can be hard no matter what type of diet it is. You start with the utmost enthusiasm then after a week or two that enthusiasm might fade and you want to fall back into bad habits. This doesn’t have to happen, you can stay on a low-calorie diet and achieve your goals.

How to Stick with a Low-Calorie Diet

Hunger isn’t always right, take a day or two to skip a snack or maybe a lunch unless you have a medical condition. You’ll notice the hunger pain isn’t that uncomfortable and the hunger comes and goes in 5 to 10 minutes, so hunger can easily be tolerated. This is a great thought if you’ve accidentally forgotten a snack or a lunch. You should not skip meals often but once or twice will not set you back as long as you don’t reach for the first food that is available to you.

How to Stick with a Low-Calorie Diet:

1. Be realistic – setting unrealistic goals will be the biggest downfall. Once you’ve set realistic goals these will help keep you motivated throughout your diet.

2. Keep foods healthy – that means keeping the junk food and all other temptations out of the house. If the family doesn’t want to partake in the low-calorie diet with you, keep the forbidden fruits out of sight and out of mind.

3. All or nothing – this isn’t the best way to approach a new diet. If you have hit a roadblock and have an unhealthy food choice don’t see your entire day as ruined, don’t take that as an OK to overeat or binge eat instead accept the unhealthy food choice you made but then move along by putting that to rest in the past then start choosing healthy options again.

4. Pack a snack – When you’re going to work, on a trip, or just to run errands make sure you have packed a healthy snack to bring along. This tip will keep you from grabbing something unhealthy just because it is available.

5. Have a plan – a low-calorie diet doesn’t mean you can’t go out with your friends and enjoy a dinner, you just have to do a little planning before. Check out the menu online or even call to ask about low-calorie options. I suggest checking the menu or giving a call because then you’re not showing up unarmed.

6. Know the diet – this handy tip will help you learn all you can about a low-calorie diet to help you stay on track. Knowing how to curb your hunger and cravings and knowing how to get yourself on track after you’ve made a mistake will make a low carb diet easier than just jumping right in.

7. Make a motivational list – check this list every morning to keep the motivations in mind all day, by keeping a list of why you’re motivated to start a low carb diet gives you the ability to check the list if you’re feeling vulnerable or like you’ve failed.

8. Take a seat – make sure to eat your meals sitting down, Eat slowly and enjoy the flavors of every bite you take. While enjoying your meal makes it harder to overeat or eat mindlessly.

9. Stay accountable – if you’re going on the diet alone, find someone you can talk to and check in with daily. This will help you share your plan to stay accountable, the other person you confide in will help to keep you on track.

10. Change your mind – changing your mindset about food will help you stay focused. If you tell yourself you’re going to do great with a low-calorie diet you can help the idea stick in your brain to help remind you if you think you may make a mistake.

11. Teach yourself the difference – knowing the difference between a craving, being hungry, or wanting to eat. Being able to pinpoint if you’re bored, tired, or if the feeling is a negative emotion. Creating a list of powerful proven distractions can help when feelings of boredom, cravings, or emotions surface. These distractions will help turn your focus from food to the activity at hand.

Low-calorie diets are very effective as long as they’re followed correctly. The more will power you have the better but if you don’t know where to start that will power may not be enough, there you’ll find sensible ways to stick with a low-calorie diet. Practice one or all of these tips and you’re sure to see the results you are striving for.

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