Yes, I Have a “Movie Purse”

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Sorry Marcus Theaters, Yes, I Have a “Movie Purse”.  What is a Movie Purse? Simple, it is a purse you pack full of treats for the movie theater!

Yes, I Have a "Movie Purse"

Now, before you get all upset about me smuggling in food — what exactly do you think a person who just had gastric bypass surgery can eat off of their menu?




uh, no

Hot Dogs!


No pizza, pretzels, cotton candy, burgers, soda, or candy bars.

We absolutely love to go to the movies and are suckers for $5 Tuesdays. While the free popcorn and $2 hotdogs are good for the rest of the gang, I get to sit there with nothing. THAT is why there is a movie purse!

What do I pack inside it?

Let’s start with my water bottle full of fresh, cold, tap water. Add a small container of sugar free Jell-O with a super cute tiny spoon. Let’s top it off with my small insulated coffee cup that has eight ounces of low sodium chicken broth. OOOh and add a warm pair of fuzzy socks!

Yup, I pack things that I know I can enjoy, that they do not carry at the theater. This way, I can still enjoy the movie with my family every other Tuesday night, and not have to dwell on the great smelling treats that I can’t eat.

Do you have a “movie purse”?

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