I Have Lost My Marbles!

loosing my marbles

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I have always been a visual learner. Either I picture things in my head as I read a story or recipe, or I hunt pictures out to see the full idea. Pinterest just scares me because I know I will be sucked in for weeks upon weeks to just look at the pretty pictures. That is why I decided that it was time that I have lost my marbles.

I Have Lost My Marbles!

Grand total for this project? $2.11 as I got two bags of marbles from the local dollar store. The quart jars were from my massive canning jar stash and I had the label maker.


Each bag of marbles had a count of seventy in it. So, if I do my math correctly, two bags of marbles is one hundred and forty of those little round gems.

My goal is to loose 150 pounds with this surgery, but 140 is more realistic.

How does this work?

Again, easy!

As I loose each pound, I take it out of one jar and add to the “Lost” jar.

That should make it very easy for this visual person to see how I Have Lost My Marbles!

With a starting weight of 339, I was able to move over 66 marbles so far. The next eleven months is the hard work, learning my new stomach and the best way to work with it. Add a healthy dose of exercise and I should loose the rest of my marbles quickly enough.

How do you keep track of a goal? How do you keep the vision of that alive during your mission?

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