7 Gastric Bypass Benefits Nobody Talks About

7 Gastric Bypass Benefits Nobody Talks About fitting into restaurant booths

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Yes, there are Gastric Bypass Benefits! Gastric bypass has become a popular thing for many people as some believe it is the only effective way for them to lose weight. Sure enough, it has helped many people based on the reports we have seen all over the internet.

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However, like every other form of weight-loss method, there are sides to it that shouldn’t be ignored, as well as some sides a lot of people don’t know about that are actually positive factors. We understand that one’s diet might be altered and the way one operates daily. But, aside from the positive factors associated with a gastric bypass that is detailed all over the internet…did you know some interesting ones are always not mentioned?

7 Gastric Bypass Benefits Nobody Talks About

After successful gastric bypass surgery, there are many advantages one can benefit from both for the short term and long term. During the early stages of surgery, you may not see the immediate changes as your body is trying to get used to the new normal. Let’s take a closer look at the added benefits…

Bathroom Stalls Are Easier To Maneuver

Using the bathroom can be either easy or very much complicated. Take, for instance, public bathrooms, the stalls are not always the easiest to handle. One of the best feelings is knowing you can feel comfortable using the bathroom stalls after you had gastric bypass surgery.

I know – pre-surgery, most of us used what I liked to call the “Suite”. It really was the handicap stall – with the extra room and railings. You could sit down and not have your nekkid fanny touching the stall walls – which was what happened in the “regular” booths.

You Fit Into Booths Better

Many people crave this benefit as it can be quite uncomfortable when you need to fit in a confined space, but due to your weight or size, it is impossible.

I didn’t realize what was damaging a bunch of my knit tops – until I put two and two together. Being so close to the table with my belly meant the snap on my jeans was rubbing thru my knit tops, making a hole.

It is SOOOO nice to sit in a booth and have extra breathing room. You will be surprised at how much you love it!

More Energy

When you have excess weight to deal with, it can be really hard as you get tired quite easily and cannot get as active as you want. The surgery allows you to take off the excess weight, which, in turn, improves your breathing and the overall movement of your body.

You have fewer calories to burn, so you sweat less, and this results in your body feeling less drained after you do a workout or even walk a few meters. In essence, your energy level gets a major boost. Furthermore, you have less food intake, so many of the energy-drainers found in food will be avoided or reduced.

Your body simply doesn’t have to work as hard to support and haul around that extra hundred pounds or more! Your organs are happier with less constriction too!

Increased Sex Drive

Yup – I’m going to talk about sex! Being obese can kill your vibe for so many things, and one of those that many people fear is a decreased sex drive. Obesity is known to cause many ills for the body, especially when it comes to the sexual aspect, as the body tends to produce lesser testosterone – the hormone responsible for one’s sex drive.

In addition to lower testosterone levels, the size of the penis may also decrease with obesity as the extra fat tends to grow and cover the organ’s base. Therefore, with gastric bypass, the excess weight will be gone, thus, improving one’s sexual urges… not to mention you feel better about your leaner body and want to show it off!

Watch this ONLY if you want pretty straight forward talk about Sex post surgery

Gastric Bypass Benefits: More Fertile

If your pre-surgery body had a hard time getting pregnant, this could be a major change for you! First of all, birth control pills are less effective as your body has a harder time digesting and processing pills.

One of the most popular questions asked about gastric bypass surgery, especially by women, is “Will I be able to have children?” Well, the “to-the-point-” the answer is, yes, you will be able to carry your child after the surgery but with medical assistance.

The sticky part of the situation is that many women, before the surgery, were not so fertile. Also, the chances of having a miscarriage might drastically decline, and one’s menstrual cycles improve – even if one doesn’t ovulate.

It Often Relieves Depression

Losing excess weight can do a lot for you to feel less depressed compared to when you might be obese. Obesity can result in low esteem due to poor body image and stigma associated with weight and size.

Don’t shoot the messenger, it is a fact of our current culture – people DO judge a book by its cover and when they see a person with a little extra padding? They get all judgy.

It can feed on itself: the feeling of not being comfortable enough to socialize with the general public will result in sadness that further leads to depression. Even though many people are now getting to love their body, it still the majority a better feeling when smaller.

This weight-loss method has been proven to improve patients’ emotional states, and with the new positive feedback, their self-love tends to increase.

This is one reason that it is important to have a great surgical team and psych counseling before you go under the knife.

7 Gastric Bypass Benefits Nobody Talks About joint pain

Your Joints Are Better

This might seem pretty basic: you lose weight and your body doesn’t have to work as hard to support it.

Even though gastric bypass tends to improve joint flexibility, one needs to be aware of their biomechanics.

When you have too much weight, it puts a strain on your joints, and the pressure on them becomes a painful experience. You walk and move differently to account for the extra poundage and bulk.

Once the gastric bypass is done, and the bodyweight lowers and stabilizes, you will notice fewer joint cramps and pains… but if you are still walking the way you were? You might still have issues.

Relearn to walk – check in with a chiropractor and you will be amazed at the difference! Add in the reduced chances of muscle tears and fractures? You also get the advantage of reducing the number of painkillers you normally have to take. A total win!

I know there are more Gastric Bypass Benefits that sneak up on you, like the first time you realize you have collar bones again! It is all of those subtle non-scale victories that make the process worth it.

What did YOU find as a surprise Gastric Bypass Benefit?

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