Women’s Guide To Safe Use Of Vitamins & Supplements

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Do you take ay vitamins or supplements?  If you do, then you know there is often controversy around what is safe and what isn’t.  This is especially true for women.  These guidelines are made for you to make the best choices when choosing vitamins and supplements for your own regimen.

Women's Guide To Safe Use Of Vitamins & Supplements

Women’s Guide To Safe Use Of Vitamins & Supplements

Consult with your physician

This is a no-brainer but is worth reminding you.  Vitamins and supplements of all kinds are typically safe, however, some medical conditions warrant closer study.  A basic multi-vitamin is seemingly safe for most, but something like calcium or iron supplements may need to be watched closely in those who are on various medications.

You may also need to check to make sure a supplement you are taking won’t make an existing condition worse.  Skin irritations, constipation, nausea, and similar are common with many supplements and can be more than a little bothersome if you already struggle with conditions that cause those symptoms.

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Look for formulas designed for women

When shopping for vitamins and supplements, you want to look also for formulas designed for women.  Calcium, for instance, is often coupled with vitamin D for women since they are more prone to osteoporosis.  You may also notice that most mutli-vitamins also include extra iron in women’s formulas.  These kinds of formulas help make it easier to take just what your body needs, and often times the combination items make it more affordable.

Check for contraindications with medications and other supplements

This is the most important part of women (and men) taking vitamins or supplements.  There are tons of foods, medications, and supplements that don’t work well together.  In fact, many do have reactions and contraindications.  Before you add a new supplement to your routine, it’s vital to double check to make sure it won’t react with anything you are currently taking.  This, is also, another reason to talk to your physician about what is safe to use in your daily routine.  If our physician is unsure, asking your pharmacist is another great solution.

These are basic tips anyone, but especially women should follow when considering the addition of and safe use of vitamins or supplements in their routine.  Improving your health begins with nutrition, but a few vitamins on occasion can make a huge difference and give you just one more boost in immunity needed to function well in a busy mom’s life.

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