What Are Chia Seeds?

chia seed pudding

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Chia seeds! They are one of the growing health trends out there, but what are they? We all know about the Chia Pets that were huge in the not so distant past, but did you know that chia seeds are edible? That they are one of the healthiest additives around? Chia seeds come from a plant called Salvia Hispanica which in recent years has become a popular plant that is grown commercially for the sale of Chia Seeds.

what are chia seeds

Chia seeds are able to be found near the lentils or in the health food section of your local grocery store. If your store does not carry them, you can also purchase them online.

The seeds can absorb up to twelve times their size. Those little seeds that you find in the store get pretty large when you let them sit in water, or cook them with a liquid. The main health benefits of chia seeds are that they are packed full of omega-3s and they are high in fat content, the good fat that is! There are many ways to consume chia seeds, and how you choose to do so is up to you, but we will go over a few ideas.

Smoothies taste great! But do they ever leave you not feeling so full? Next time you make a smoothie you can add in a small amount of the seeds. A half of a teaspoon is plenty! The seeds will absorb the liquid and expand both in the smoothie and in your stomach (that’s why you shouldn’t put too many in!) which in turn will make you feel fuller longer.

chia pudding

Granola Bars

Chia seeds work similarly to flax seeds when it comes to adding them into other food. You could add them into any dish really, you just want to be sure that when cooking with them that you let them soak for a few hours before actually using them or they may be quite hard to chew. Granola bars are one of the popular recipes that they can be added into.

As a season or additive

Many people like using the seeds in salads, dressings, casserole dishes and other alike foods. They make a great seasoning. When using them in dishes always be sure to follow the above advice with soaking them so that you aren’t crunching chia seeds with every bite that you take.

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