The Sip-Sip-Sip Philosophy


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If you go Gastric Bypass and don’t have a dietician included in your program, you are in the wrong program. I have a Samantha and swear to God that I hear her say “Sip-Sip-Sip” in my dreams.

the sip-sip-sip philosophy

I must have been a Gulp – Gulp – Gulp kinda gal in my previous life. While I was “practicing” my sip-sip-sip before my surgery, I thought I was doing pretty darned good! The point is to drink in smaller sizes so your new, smaller stomach, can handle the liquids better.

I Sip-Sip-Sip’d all the way through my pre-surgery liquid diet and after surgery. Water? Sip-Sip-Sip. Chicken broth? Sip-Sip-Sip. Protein Shakes? Sip-Sip-Sip. Skim milk? Sip-Sip-Sip.


Once I was off the post surgery pain medicine, I could tell that my sips were still too big. I needed tinysip-tinysip-tinysip instead.  My new tummy wasn’t happy with the size sips I had been putting in it. I could feel “uncomfortable” but it wasn’t painful.

Now, I get the sip-sip-sip concept and am a MUCH smaller sipper! It’s hard to realize when your tummy is only about two ounces in capacity how it really feels, until you feel it.

Thank you Samantha, for drilling it into my head…I know I will hear it always!


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