Bariatric Diet Tips for Satisfying Cravings

We all have some kind of food craving from time to time. Unfortunately, these cravings are usually for foods that ar very high in calories, fat, and sugar. Dealing with cravings is difficult for anyone, and it is very important to know whether a particular craving was physiologically or psychologically driven. Your body may be telling you of something it actually needs, or maybe the brain is just playing tricks with you. These Bariatric diet tips help satisfy cravings and keep you on track for success in your new lifestyle change.

Bariatric Diet Tips for Satisfying Cravings

Bariatric Diet Tips for Satisfying Cravings

The physiological cravings are usually caused by very poor protein intake, inadequate calorie intake or wrong kind of carbohydrates that can cause fluctuations in the blood sugar level of an individual. Psychological cravings, on the other hand, are mainly caused by stress and being over-tired. So it is very important to understand the root cause of your psychological cravings. You must maintain a food diary wherein you are supposed to write what you are eating and how much and how you are feeling? It will shed some light on the cause of these cravings. Here are a few tips on how to prevent a potential craving.

Do not skip meals

If you are skipping meals or your snack-time then you are putting yourself at risk for experiencing a kind of extreme hunger later on in the show. With cravings, there is also an increase in the number of unhealthy choices in food. You must give your body all that it needs before you start losing control.

Plan well ahead

You must take note of the time when your cravings strike. If the cravings mainly strike when you are hungry, then you must start eating healthy snacks between meals. The snacks must be carefully planned so that you can keep the hunger and the cravings at bay. The concept of portion control is also very vital here. Each of the snacks should be lower than 200 calories. Shoot for healthy choices like peppers and bean dip, hard-boiled eggs with a few multi grain crackers, fruit smoothies with protein powder, and yogurt with nuts or granola. Always blend a protein with a complex carbohydrate. Try these 100 Snacks And Appetizer Recipes For Meal Planning.

Stay fully hydrated

Dehydration is a leading cause of almost all kinds of cravings. This is because when we are not hydrated properly, our bodies start looking for a source of quick energy which we term as cravings. Sugar delivers a quick jolt of energy, but it lags far behind in terms of nutrition. It means that sugar plays a very minuscule role in supporting the biological functions of the body. One can make drinking water tastier by adding slices of fresh fruit or simple healthy garnishes to the water, like cucumber slices coupled with fresh mint leaves, or lemon juice with several organic orange slices. If you have undergone any kind of bariatric procedure then the concept of staying hydrated becomes extra important for you. The amount of water that your body needs will depend upon a host of factors like the activity level, age, and gender. I have 10 Water Infusion Recipes for you here.

Bariatric Diet Tips for Satisfying Cravings

The balance needs to be maintained

Protein remains the topmost priority in almost all our meals but it is also very important to include some healthy carbohydrates like fruits, and whole grains, along with healthy fats like peanut butter and olive oil. You need to consider your present dietary stage in case you have recently undergone bariatric surgery. We all go through the same stages: liquid diet, pureed food, soft food, and then gradually back to things like salads and ground beef.

Resist the sweets

Let’s face it, these might have helped get you to the point that you needed the gastric surgery! Resisting the sweets can be a tough proposition, and we suggest that it is not a good idea to deprive yourself of the food that you love. Try intuitive eatting instead, so you may indulge in very small servings of the desired treat. For example, if you are craving for chocolate, then you can have a small piece of dark chocolate. Try to avoid that so-called sugar-free candy, as it has a very high-fat content and it contains lots of calories. It seems like it should be heathier, right?

Avoid the problem places

Is there a certain place that triggers you? When you have a very strong craving, you must try your best not to move towards those places where resisting something will be a very big challenge. This may include places like a fast-food restaurant you used to frequent, those office vending machines in the early afternoon, and the food court in the shopping malls. Those people with the free smaple trays can really suck you in and the next thing you know? You are looking at a plate of Chinese food that has 1,500 plus calories while being high in fat.

Learn to control your hunger

When you are in the process of establishing a regular meal pattern, you need to strictly rely on eating by the clock rather than eating according to hunger. It is common to loose that ability to be “hungry” after surgery, so the clock is your friend. This helps keep your metabolism stronger, and you will be burning calories more efficiently. This will ensure that you remain in full control of your hunger pangs or the cravings.

In our food-rich society, it is natural that you will be bombarded with great choices of both healthy and unhealthy foods. When you follow a regular meal pattern then you will be in better control of your cravings.

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