Oh Baby!

Do you know how long it’s been since I had baby food? I actually made Miss Sarah’s food myself, from what we were eating, so do the math if I am now 50. Oh baby…

oh baby

Oh Baby!

Two weeks after surgery you finally get off the liquid diet and get to start working back into the world of food. We start off with pureed food and I figured the easiest way was to pick up some Gerber.

Y’all know how frugal I am, I checked out the local Facebook neighborhood sales ads, and searched for baby food. Often people who have children that are past that stage are looking forward to getting rid of their surplus. Around here, Walmart charges $1.79 for a 2-pack of the stage 2 baby food.

I got all twenty seven packs for just $15!

That was a rough savings of about forty dollars and it is a nice variety of fruits and vegetables. With no more than two of any kind, I should be easily entertained after four weeks of protein shakes, chicken broth and sugar free popsicles.

Each of the fifty four containers holds four ounces. I will start out eating up to one ounce at a time, working up to two. That means this lot is at least one hundred and eight “meals” for me, likely more. The downside? Flavor. I am finding small ways to dress up the flavors as baby food is pretty seasoning – void.

I know the pureed food stage only lasts two weeks, but then starts the soft food stage. That is when you can eat anything you can easily cut with a fork. This baby food will also help supplement my soft food.

Once I get past that stage? I can bless someone else going through this process with what ever I have left over!

Oh baby, exciting, right?

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