Set Those Sweats Aside: How to Look Cute While Working Out

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Looking cute while working out? I know, It seems like a crazy concept. As a rule, about halfway into a workout, a woman should start looking less than perfect. It’s just one test of how good your workout was. However, there are ways to look cute and fashionable as you head to the gym, or even when you wear your gym clothes to run errands before walking into that Pilates or kickboxing class.

Set Those Sweats Aside: How to Look Cute While Working Out

Here are a few hints to look adorable as you go:

Invest in Good Clothes

It may seem easier to pull on some old sweats and a baggy t-shirt to go to the gym, but getting some nice workout clothes may motivate you to put them on and show them off. Sweaty Betty has yoga pants and a sports bra for every occasion. Get a few sets that you really like and that match your shoes. It’s also important for your workout clothes to fit well. Invest in some that fit your body, even if you’re not at your ideal size. You can get new ones later to celebrate your weight-loss accomplishments.

Put On a Little Makeup

You’ll want to stare at yourself much more in those weight-lifting mirrors if you add a little makeup to your face. Don’t put on a lot – especially if you will sweat most of it off. Just bits of mascara and lip gloss will add some style to your look without looking like you’re trying too hard. They will awaken your eyes and bring out that healthy glow in your complexion.

Style Your Hair

A straight-out-of-bed style may work for some, but if you’re going to see friends and attractive guys at the gym, take just a couple minutes to spruce up your ponytail before heading out the door. A few bobby pins and a high pony, or a messy top knot or bun will add a bit of beauty to your locks and stay securely in place as you work out. It only takes a few minutes but can do a lot for your confidence and even motivate you to get to the gym and form friendships to keep you working out.

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