Is it Just Too Expensive to Live Healthy?

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Is it Just Too Expensive to Live Healthy? It’s kind of funny that my hubby thinks he is healthier than I am…he just goes by looks. I am a large gal — cursed with a very slow metabolism from my FibroMyalgia that I inherited with a car accident in 1993. However, I have better than normal levels of everything from cholesterol to blood sugar, rarely get a cold/flu and seem to get more things done in a day than many people. Compare this to him, who as a cold of some sort every other month, rarely goes to the gym with his FREE membership, and is often commenting on how tired he feels…I must be doing something right!

Is it Just Too Expensive to Live Healthy
Is it Just Too Expensive to Live Healthy?

Have you ever used the excuse “It’s just too EXPENSIVE” when it comes to improving your health?!?! I once used this excuse too, but cutting back from having my favorite latte everyday to making coffee at home has now allowed me a little extra money to make better decisions. Here is how you can save $150 – $600 per month to put towards your healthier lifestyle, a personal trainer, gym membership, savings, and so much more… It’s easy! Life is simply about choices – we make them all the time : this or that… Just remember, YOU have the power do make any changes you really want to! It’s the simple little things that let you be healthy – enjoy the following list!

1) Stop buying soda and sugar filled snacks!

The average person drinks 2-3 sodas per day. Not only is soda pop horrible for your teeth, health, etc it is expensive! You could save…$90 a month by switching to water! Snacks – Do you run for that candy bar or bag of chips for a snack when you are hungry? Anyting with high fructose corn syrup is a slow zapper of your energy! Switch to homemade treats or something as simple as the breakfast cookies that I shared and help balance your blood sugar, give yourself a “full” feeling, and provide doctor-recommended fiber, which is vitally important for gastrointestinal health. (don’t you just love using big words, LOL>?)

2) Start brewing your coffee at home.

B.I.Y. (Brew it yourself) – Save about $5 per day by brewing your coffee at home.

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3) Get Trained!

Start using some of the new savings from the 2 small steps above and Hire a personal trainer to work with at least one day a week! (or be like me who is a member of health club where I can use one FREE. A few sessions with a trainer can not only motivate you – but teach you a regime that will work for YOUR body…YOUR level and teach you how to do the exercises correctly. You can then take it from there yourself until you think you are ready for more of a challenge.

4) Go Green!

Literally! We all know white foods are bad for you, so work on eating the rainbow colors of produce! Tis the season – get ready to start shopping at your local farmers market – locally grown organic food is not only better for you, it leaves a smaller carbon footprint on our planet!

5) Brown Bag It and stop getting your meals “through a window”

Save big cash by bringing your own lunch to work. You could save… $5 dollars per day, or $25 in a 5-day work week. Don’t eat anything that comes through a window!!!!!!!!Even if you are ordering off the dollar menu, you end up spending more on food than you would by purchasing ingredients at the grocery store and cooking them at home and let’s face it what are you really eating by ordering off of the $1 menu. Do you head to restaurants or order takeout because of boredom, lack of cooking skills or being short on time? Resist boredom and improve your cooking skills by looking up new and fun recipes on the internet. Try cooking something you normally wouldn’t whether it’s your favorite dish from a gourmet restaurant or an interesting dish from an exotic destination. There is something for everybody from the frugal to health conscious available on the internet.. You could save: $10+ dollars per meal

Is it Just Too Expensive to Live Healthy

Here is a biggie –>6. Quit smoking- Seriously.

There is no benefit whatsoever. Smoking is horrible for your health, drains you of money, and is no longer perceived as “sexy” or “cool” by pop culture standards. The taxes on cigarettes rise up to ten times per year, with each pack costing at least $5.00. If you can’t quit, or decide that you are going to have to wait until another time you should consider switching to a discount or value brand. You could save: Depends on how much you smoke. Smokers will spend over $40,000 in twenty to thirty years on cigarettes…gee, look at the number: $40,000. (tee hee)

These are not new ideas — you can see them anywhere from the Biggest Looser TV show on NBC to a late night infomercial that is touting the latest “must have” gadget for a newer, slimmer you…but they all make great sense! Remember, little things add up-you can pick just a few things off of this list and gradually change not only your health, but find that you are really able to tuck away some serious cash! Add it to your vacation fund, retirement fund or your downpayment for your first house…what ever trips your trigger

Until next time…how can YOU become more healthy?

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