How to Eat Clean and Healthy

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How to eat clean and healthy? There is not much sadder in the modern world than the evidence that much of the food supply cannot be trusted. The questions of the exact medical outcomes of eating GMO modified vegetables, food additives such as steroids, or white sugars are beyond the scope of this article, but at bottom line, if they can be eliminated from a personal diet, they should be. I thought this would be a GREAT topic to cover as June is “Clean Eating Month” for my Blogger Recipe Challenge Group!

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How to Eat Clean and Healthy

Here are some tips:

1)      FREE RANGE IS NOT NECESSARILY BETTER: The term ‘free range’ for chickens and their eggs only means that the hens are not kept in individual cages. They may well still be kept in unethical, over-crowded barns. Beyond that, the concern for the consumer is what the hens are fed. Look for labeling that states that the eggs are laid from hens that are fed “from 100% organic feed.’

How to Eat Clean and Healthy


2)      100% IS THE KEY: Foods labeled ‘organic’ in the US may still have up to 5% non-organic content, such as GMO modified corn in livestock feed. Look for the 100% label, or a label certifying that there is no GMO content from a body like the Nongmoproject.

3)      WHITE SUGAR: Avoid white sugars whenever possible. This includes virtually all sweet snacks, sodas, and, yes, even juice from concentrates. 12 ounces of Coca-Cola contains 10 teaspoons of sugar and 145 calories. 12 ounces of processed orange juice contains 8 teaspoons of sugar and 165 calories, and a processed grape juice of the same volume has 15 teaspoons of sugar and a whopping 240 calories. Hint: buy a juicer!

4)      LABELS: Learning to read the bar code labels is an important step in avoiding both GMO modified fruits and vegetables, as well as potentially dangerous pesticides. (Always wash all food before eating it anyway.) If the 5 digit number above the bar code begins with 5, the food is organic. Think: ‘With 5 I’m Alive!’ If that number begins with 8, the food is GMO. ‘Hate the 8!’ And if the number is a four digit number, the food has been sprayed with chemical pesticides. ‘No More for 4!’

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5)      SHOP LOCAL: The local farmers market allows shoppers to learn exactly how foods are raised.

This is just a start on how to clean up one’s food intake for a healthier, safer lifestyle. Look at the labels, know what to look for, and buy a juicer.
Happy Healthier Lifestyle!

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