Best Clothes to Hide Extra Skin After Gastric Bypass

loose skin around tummy

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Hide Extra Skin After Gastric Bypass? I know – it seems like a strange thing to think about, but it IS a factor for many people until their weight has leveled off and they check into skin removal surgery.

Best Clothes to Hide Extra Skin After Gastric Bypass picture of arm with really loose skin

Gastric bypass surgery is slowly becoming one of the most sought-after ways to lose difficult to budge weight. The time used for excessive exercising is gradually being incorporated into taking care of other life duties. Also, many people find it practically hard to lose weight with regular gym visits and dieting.

However, with gastric bypass, they have a new way – a new tool for achieving the desired results. But, there is one physical evidence many people wish to get rid of that is not always so easy to deal with… excess body skin that was stretched to hold that vanishing fat. How does one naturally get rid of it without having to go through a rough procedure once again? Clothes, perhaps?

Best Clothes to Hide Extra Skin After Gastric Bypass

Comfort is everything when you can walk around freely and not have the evidence of a weight-loss surgery hanging onto you. Many people opt for medical procedures to have the extra skin removed, while others wear select clothing to conceal it.

For the most part, clothes play an integral role in helping you hide the excess skin, but there are certain types you have to avoid…You don’t want to wear anything too tight as the only outfit…as this will show up the excess body skin in a rough way.

We lost the weight to eliminate the bulges and bumps – it stinks to have to tuck parts of your body in and try to smooth them over while trying to avoid the gathers and rolls being visible.

Of course, some people don’t mind as they accept how their bodies are, no matter what it has gone through. Furthermore, tight clothing may not be ideal as seeing your body is in a recovery mode, comfort is of maximum importance.

What Clothing Type To Wear After Gastric Bypass

Compression Clothing

When choosing to wear concealing clothes, select close-fitting can come in the form of compression clothing you would wear under your regular outfit. These types of clothes will help to keep the excess skin from hanging over. Compression clothing aids in keeping your skin intact to avoid excessive rubbing, leading to further health issues like blisters and chafing.

Body Shapers

Shapers work well to keep the excess body skin out of the way and give you the advantage of wearing any clothes that make you feel comfortable.  

Can You Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss?

One of the major concerns people have when it comes to bariatric surgery is getting rid of the excess skin when the weight loss results start to kick in. But, there are safe ways to remove the excess skin, tighten it, or work around it. Some of the simplest and most efficient ways to tighten include…  

Body Wraps

You can visit any spa or skin treatment clinic to get body Wraps applied to help tighten loose skin. Your doctor may also appoint over-the-counter cream and ointments you can use as well. But who says you can’t get into the DIY mode? Making the wrap is relatively easy as all you need is 1/2 cup of Epsom salt, some warm water, and essential oils like lavender and almond oil.

Add the Epsom salt to the warm water and stir until the salt is fully dissolved. You then add the oils and stir in until the desired mixing is achieved. Soak a towel or sheet (preferably one that is thin and won’t bulge under your clothes) and add it to your body. You can use plastic wrap or close-fitting clothing to help keep it in position. However, you want to be mindful that it is not a wrap to add to your body when going to bed, as the purpose is to help you sweat and burn the fat off.

I kind of feel “meh” about them and like they didn’t really make any difference.



For those who lose a small amount of weight, the skin has the ability to get back into shape on its own by retracting, and with the aid of natural remedies, it will be gone in no time. However, for those who have lost a massive amount, the story is not the same. In most cases, bariatric patients have to do a body-contouring surgery, which is redirecting body fat from one area to another or getting rid of it completely.  

Also common is skin-removal surgery. This is usually around the belly, fanny, thighs, and upper arms. Granted, you can’t do all areas at the same time. Usually, a plastic surgeon will let you do 2-3 procedures at once, if they feel the time on the table is acceptable.

Most insurance companies will pay for the tummy tuck if you have documentation of rashes, skin problems, etc – the additional procedures might have to come out of your own pocket. In those cases, it pays to “stack” surgeries as the insurance is already paying for anesthesia, the surgical room, etc.


In reality, exercise can only get you to a distance, but much more is required. Bear in mind, the weight-loss time you took to lose that much weight is something your body is not used to, and the same level of workout you once had will not work going forward. Exercise works in hand with many other strategies, such as with the wraps that help you to burn more calories as you sweat.

How Do You Avoid Hanging Skin After a Gastric Bypass?

Sagging or hanging skin is a major issue for those who have had gastric bypass surgery as they really wouldn’t want the entire world in their personal business. One of the most proven and effective ways to balance sagging skin is by taking proper care of your skin and body overall.

Also, you could ask your doctor to recommend a cream that you could use to help achieve this goal. There are many options to choose from, but to date, those that contain collagen and elastin are the better choices.

How Can I Hide Excess Skin On My Stomach?

The stomach seems to know how to annoy people, especially females, as it tends to stay in its position even when you lose weight on other parts of the body. Countless measures are tried sometimes to get rid of or hide the excess weight on the tummy, but most times, only extreme weight-loss methods can yield the results needed.

Interestingly, there are ways other than surgery to help you hide excess stomach skin, such as through select exercising. Doing lots of crunches, squats, and cardio workouts will help you achieve the goals you desire. However, though it may not necessarily “remove” all the skin per se, it helps to conceal it uniquely.

The trick to all of this is knowing ahead of time. A good surgical team will educate you on all the good, bad, and ugly parts of life after surgery.

For those who cross the border to get their surgery? The bariatric procedure sure has a lot going on for it to keep some patients in the dark as to how to handle the after-effects of the surgery. There are numerous ways to help you get back in shape, lose the excess skin caused by the rapid weight loss, and feel comfortable living your best life in the future.

Whatever option you choose to work with, they have all proven to achieve the desired results you may need. However, please note that not all options work the same for everyone, but they all work. 

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