10 Rules For Weight Loss

rules for weight loss

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Summer is here! Which means things like swimsuit shopping and the temptations of ice cream! Funny how those two things happen at the same time isn’t it? Luckily, summer also means it’s time for farmer’s markets and nice weather to get active. Getting healthy and trying for weight loss can be hard when you are making the switch, but it is so rewarding. It may sound cliche, but it really is a lifestyle. If you are ready to start living a healthy life here are ten tips to help you get started!

10 rules for weight loss

Living a healthy lifestyle is conscious decision. It really is a lifestyle choice! It can be one of the best decisions that you can make for yourself!

10 Rules For Weight Loss

  1. Drink water! And lots of it!

    Water is so good for you! There is a reason your body can’t live without it! Every single one of your body’s systems relies on water. Think about that for a second. And then think about how many glasses of water you had yesterday? Did you have enough to keep your body healthy?The rule of thumb is to drink 8 8oz glasses each day. (You can find out exactly how much water you should be drinking here.) If you are starting slow, start with this one thing! You will be able to tell a difference in your body!Figure out a system that works for you! For me, I have a water bottle that I use. I really like the Tervis Tumbler water bottles (and I love that they have designs for EVERYONE!). They are 24 ounces (and marked on the bottle which is nice!) so I know that by lunch I need to have drank one full bottle and about a third of another. Then by bedtime, it’s the same (1 1/3 bottles!) of water. I can always carry the bottle with me and knowing how much I need to drink by a certain time really helps me meet my goal!

  2. Don’t eat past 7:00 PM.

    You have probably heard the rule about eating late at night. But it’s true! Eating a big dinner and then going to bed doesn’t give your body time to digest let alone burn off those calories! By eating your dinner earlier you give your body time to react to it! If possible, you can even switch to eating a large lunch and a light dinner! This change can really make a big difference!

  3. Move your body – 30 minutes. Each and every day!

    Your body was built to move! I know we are all busy, but you can do it! If you are just starting out and then thought of working out stresses you out, just focus on moving more throughout the day. It will get easier! Use an app on your phone (I like Map My Walk) to track your distance and speed! One of the best motivators is seeing yourself improve!Looking for ways to get more activity in your day? Try sitting on an Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit (75cm) at your desk (bonus: playing your favorite music on Pandora is a sure way to get you bouncing around singing and dancing!) or taking the stairs! Instead of driving to the library, ride your bike! Instead of taking the family to the movies try an activity like geocaching instead!

  4. Eat more natural foods.

    Make the switch from processed foods to natural foods can be intimidating at first, but it is one of the best decisions you can make! Swapping out a sugary cereal in the morning for an egg white omelet and fruit salad will not only keep you full for longer, but you will be nourishing your body with REAL food and tons of vitamins! To make this less intimidating start small. Make it a goal that you are going to switch your dinner to all natural foods for 2 weeks. Once you have it down go ahead and make the switch to include breakfast too.

  5. Learn about portion control. And use it!
    Americans have a huge problems with portion distortion! If you aren’t aware of the proper portion sizes, then you wouldn’t realize that your dinner you ordered at your favorite restaurant the other night was 3 servings of pasta!Learn about the right serving sizes and invest in a Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale
    Kitchen scales are inexpensive and SUPER important tools!
  6. Protein is your friend!

    This was the hardest rule for me personally to learn: protein is your friend! You should have some sort of protein at every single meal (and snack!) Think about a handful of nuts or seeds for a snack. Add chicken to your salad. Whatever you do, add some protein to your meal! It will help you stay full longer and aid in your weight loss.

    things to do while on a treadmill

  7. Come up with a plan for cravings.

    Cravings are tough stuff! For me, if cupcakes are left unattended, it could be dangerous. And there is no such thing as one chocolate chip cookie! Sometimes it’s good to give into your cravings, but it’s also a good idea to not indulge to often. Come up with a plan before the craving starts so when you get one you have a plan of action!For me that means, when the cupcake craving starts ask yourself if you are really hungry. If so, reach for a healthy snack. If not put your plan into action! I read a book or take the dog for a walk. Usually after a few minutes I’ve forgotten about my craving. Find something that works for you! Maybe it’s calling a friend, working out, playing a game or listening to music.

  8. Don’t give up and don’t give in!

    No one is perfect! Sometimes we give in to temptation, and that’s ok! Having a ‘cheat’ day is encourage by lots of professionals. If you starve yourself or cut out your favorite indulgences completely that can just be asking for a binge. But it’s important to know that if you fall off the wagon with your weight loss say at lunch, don’t have the attitude at dinner that you ‘already messed today up’ so you might as well go all out. Your day isn’t a loss! Even worse is when people give up. One bad day turns into a bad week. And if you have a bad week, they think what is the point? If you fall, get back up! Dust yourself off and go on! You are worth it!

  9. Eat regularly.

    One way to avoid binging unexpectedly and ruin you weight loss plan is to schedule and plan out your meals. And as a bonus, eating regularly is actually healthier for you! Aim to eat several times throughout the day! You may find yourself eating more than you were before! It’s ok!! When you are feeding yourself the right way your body will react the right way! You can have more energy, boost your metabolism and overall feel better! By planning your meals ahead you can save time, money and headaches of figuring out what to eat. And by scheduling your meals you know that you will never be hungry! Your body will thank you!

  10. Find a support system!

    Switching to a healthy lifestyle is something that you should do for yourself. But it can be challenging at first! Having a good support system call really make all of the difference in succeeding! By having the support of a spouse, friend or team you can be held accountable and stay motivated! Join a class at the gym or see if your church or neighborhood has a group that meets to walk together. If there isn’t a group that you can find, start your own!

Making the decision to live a healthy life is the best decision you can make for yourself! It may sound difficult at first, but you can do it!

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