5 Foods to Eat to Super Charge Your Workout


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Are you a someone who’s constantly at the gym, or do you prefer to get your exercise at home? Regardless of your method, there are 5 foods to eat to super charge your workout to make sure you’re making the most of it. Sure you may want to skip calories, but if you want to be able to out smash your goals, you’re going to need some good food to help bulk you up. Carbohydrates are essential for a rocking work out, while protein will help build muscle.

    1. Bananas
      The Australian Institute of Sport calls bananas nature’s power bar. They’re chock full of digestible carbohydrates, which is what is metabolized into energy for our body.
    2. Oats
      Oats are recommended by tons of personal trainers, simply because they’re very high in fiber. Fiber provides a steady, slow release of more carbohydrates. Again, the fuel necessary for our bodies.
    3. Another high carb food is fruit
      Again, providing the necessary fuel for an awesome workout without being too exhausted afterward.

greek yogurt cup 5 Foods to Eat to Super Charge Your Workout


  1. Greek Yogurt.
    This is where you start to hear the age old “Proteins are great for pre-workouts” argument. While this is true, it’s not true in the sense that some people claim. Protein metabolizes too slowly to have a benefit on your pre-workout game. However, proteins are slowly released after consuming them. The high-quality protein that is packed into Greek yogurt is great for an ongoing buildup of muscle after the work out. Eating it just before your work out is the best way to pack on the muscle.
  2. Apple wedges and almond butter
    Apples are loaded with healthy sugar for a good energy boost just before your workout. You won’t have the dreaded sugar crash afterwards. If you want to add an even better taste to the apples, spread some almond butter on the apples and enjoy them that way. Almond butter diminishes hunger and spikes energy too.

A work out routine is hard enough. You shouldn’t have to struggle to find foods that help you reach your goals. The 5 foods to eat to super charge your workout that we’ve shared here are a good start for you to put together your own pre-workout regimen. Are there any foods on this list that you’ve tried yourself? Are there any foods that aren’t on here that you think we should add? Let us know in the comments.


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